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We are a leading provider in addiction rehab treatment

When you come to American Addiction Centers (AAC) for substance treatment services, we see you as more than your addiction. You come to us with unique strengths, potential, and challenges; we believe that your abuse treatment should be personalized, too.

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American Addiction Centers' Facilities

Our nationwide treatment centers specialize in dual-diagnosis addiction treatment, offering various programs from inpatient, outpatient, to medical detox.

All Regions
Laguna Treatment Hospital Logo
Desert Hope Treatment Center Logo
Greenhouse Treatment Center Logo
Oxford Treatment Center Logo
River Oaks Treatment Center Logo
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Massachusetts & Rhode Island

Northeast Treatment Facilities

AdCare Rhode Island (RI)
AdCare Rhode Island (RI)
1950 Tower Hill Road North Kingstown, RI 02852
AdCare Hospital (MA)
AdCare Hospital (MA)
107 Lincoln Street Worcester, MA 01605

South Treatment Facilities

River Oaks Treatment Center (FL)
River Oaks Treatment Center (FL)
12012 Boyette Road Riverview, FL 33569
Greenhouse Treatment Center (TX)
Greenhouse Treatment Center (TX)
1171 107th Street Grand Prairie, TX 75050
Recovery First Treatment Center, Hollywood (FL)
Recovery First Treatment Center, Hollywood (FL)
4110 David Road Extension Hollywood, FL 33024
Oxford Treatment Center (MS)
Oxford Treatment Center (MS)
297 County Road 244 Etta, MS 38627

West Treatment Facilities

Desert Hope Treatment Center (NV)
Desert Hope Treatment Center (NV)
2465 East Twain Ave Las Vegas, NV 89121
Laguna Treatment Hospital (CA)
Laguna Treatment Hospital (CA)
24552 Pacific Park Drive Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the purpose of drug and alcohol rehab?
The purpose of drug and alcohol rehab is to help patients struggling with addiction get sober in a controlled, safe environment. Going to a rehab facility is encouraged for people with a substance use disorder as overcoming addiction alone can be overwhelming and sometimes even dangerous.
Should I choose a rehab center near me?
Choosing a rehab facility near you can be a good idea for some people. It allows you to stay close to your family and loved ones for added support. In addition, your insurance may be more likely to cover your treatment if you choose a facility closer to your home.
Should I consider traveling for treatment?
Traveling for treatment is a good option for people who are wanting to separate themselves from their addiction triggers. Choosing a rehab facility that is farther away may also give patients the opportunity to explore an area outside of their home city or state. Many treatment facilities offer different programs so finding the one that best suits your needs is key.
How do I know which rehab treatment facility is right for me?
Which rehab facility is right for you depends on your personal situation. Recovery looks different for everyone. Everyone has unique needs and goals which will determine which facility provides the best treatment program for you.
Are there addiction treatment centers in my location?
Our directory includes an extensive list of rehab facilities and addiction treatment centers in locations across the United States. If you cannot find a rehab near you that meets your needs, you can consider traveling for treatment as well.