Rehab Centers in California, CA for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

California has some of the best alcohol and drug addiction treatment rehab centers nationwide. According to the 2017 National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Centers, there was a total of 1,311 treatment facilities in CA.1

But the state also has an alarming rate of fatal drug-related overdoses and alcohol and various forms of substance abuse represent an enormous problem.2 Opioid-involved deaths in the state are mainly caused by the abuse of synthetic opioids such as fentanyl and fentanyl analogs, but the number of heroin-related deaths was also on the rise according to a report issued in 2018.2 The rise in the number of opioid-related deaths involving synthetic opioids other than methadone was dramatic: from a total of 536 in 2017 to 865 in 2018.2

The sooner individuals struggling with alcohol or drug abuse in CA enter treatment, the more likely they are to overcome and leave addiction behind them.3 For the residents of CA, effective treatment for alcohol, illicit drugs, or pain medication is within reach and it is now easier than ever to explore and find treatment options.

What Are the Different Alcohol and Drug Rehab Programs in California? 

The state of California has a wide variety of inpatient and outpatient options for treatment-seeking individuals.1 In addition to various forms of outpatient treatment, there is residential non-hospital treatment and hospital-based inpatient treatment. But these are not the only two distinctions there are.1

California offers different treatment solutions to individuals struggling with addiction because different patient have unique needs.3 Some may battle co-occurring disorders, others may struggle with chronic conditions in addition to a substance use disorder, and some may have had multiple relapse episodes.3What most rehab programs have in common is that they incorporate behavioral therapy and medications.4

drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation facilities in california

Dual Diagnosis Treatment in California 

Individuals with a dual diagnosis struggle with a mental health disorder such as post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, or anxiety, and an addiction to alcohol and/or drugs at the same time.3 It’s not always clear which condition was the first to develop and there may not even be a straightforward answer. What matters is that both aspects of the co-occurring disorder are treated simultaneously. If left unaddressed, the two conditions can exacerbate each other.5 California treatment facilities, such as the recognized AAC facility Laguna Treatment Center, provide a high standard of care for co-occurring disorders.

What to Expect in an Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in California? 

During the intake screening process, addiction specialists can assess the severity and extent of a person’s substance use disorder and make recommendations accordingly.6 If a person is to be admitted to inpatient treatment, they are given a packing list to help them prepare for treatment. The items on a packing list mainly depend on the facility’s policies, so it’s advisable that a patient discuss what they are allowed to bring beforehand.

Different alcohol and drug rehab centers have different services and amenities.3 Some even have luxury amenities. The easiest way to find out if a rehab center has all that you need for a pleasant and comfortable stay is to call the helpline and discuss your options and expectations.

Where to Find the Best Alcohol and Drug Rehab Treatment Centers in California?

What may be the optimal treatment plan for one person may not be it for another. This is what makes the best alcohol and drug rehab treatment centers in California stand out: they are committed to providing personalized whole-person treatment and make recovering individuals feel safe, comfortable, and confident enough to stay in treatment.6

The state had 10 percent of all facilities and 9 percent of all clients nationwide.1 Along with New York, California is the nation’s leader in the numbers of both facilities (1,311 in 2017) and clients (118,607 in 2017) in treatment for every odd year from 2007 through 2017:1

  • 699 private non-profit facilities
  • 443 private for-profit facilities
  • 110 local, or county, community government-funded
  • 5 state government-funded
  • 33 total federal government-funded
  • 20 Department of Veterans Affairs-funded
  • 7 Department of Defense-funded
  • 6 Indian Health Service-funded
  • 21 Tribal Government-funded

Where to Find Alcohol and Drug Detox Centers in California?

With its beautiful beaches and sunny weather, California may be the ideal place to undergo detox, which is usually the first stage of treatment.3 Detox centers are conveniently located across the state so treatment-seeking individuals can choose the nearest ones. It’s important that detox be closely supervised by medical staff so as to ensure comfort and safety during the withdrawal syndrome.6

Browsing the diverse offer of the 414 private and state-funded alcohol and drug detox centers in California can be a time-consuming process but helpline representatives can make it easier to shortlist the best ones.1

Does My Insurance Cover Addiction Treatment in California, CA? 

Tailored substance use disorder treatment is seldom affordable and most treatment-seeking individuals have two payment options at their disposal: insurance coverage and self-payment.1 The leading rehab centers in CA, such as American Addiction Centers, are in-network with the most in-demand insurance carriers across the nation.7 You can call an AAC helpline, fill in an online form, or contact a support representative via chat to verify your insurance coverage and get an estimate of total treatment costs.

How to Pay for Rehabs in California Without Insurance? 

The cost of alcohol and drug addiction treatment can be high, depending on the level of care provided, scope of services, and treatment duration.6 Having to pay for medical care without insurance can be an enormous financial burden. But there are options aside from cash and self-payment to help uninsured or underinsured individuals receive treatment such as funding set aside for those specific purposes.7 A total of 611 facilities in California offer treatment at no charge to patients who cannot afford to pay for it.1

Are There Any Free Rehab Centers in California? 

There are a variety of affordable, low-cost and free alcohol and drug rehab programs in CA that receive funding from various sources available to uninsured or underinsured individuals who cannot afford to cover treatment costs.7 Individuals can use SAMHSA’s directory to browse treatment programs in their areas.

How to Choose a Rehab Center in California?

It can take time to choose a rehab center in California because of the different options which vary in treatment intensity, duration, cost, requirements, and other criteria.3 But sometimes time is a scarce resource, especially if you are in a rush to enter treatment or have a loved one enter it.6

Many treatment-seeking individuals rely on online reviews and insightful testimonials from past clients. Top-rated rehab centers in CA are often most effective at providing clients with the treatment they need and follow the principles of effective treatment to maintain low relapse and high success rates.3

These centers frequently offer a diversity of services and amenities designed to promote recovery and a return to a drug-free way of life and make clients feel more comfortable throughout their stay.1

Additionally, California drug and alcohol rehab centers that possess relevant licensing, certification, and accreditation are more likely to have the staff and resources able to provide an appropriate standard of care to recovering individuals, increasing the odds of treatment effectiveness.1

As a nation’s leader in addiction treatment, AAC can cater to the needs of treatment-seeking individuals. Our Texas-based Green House Treatment Center specializes in co-occurring disorders treatment and this treatment plan comes with our 90-day promise.

Nationwide Treatment Facility Locations

Although there are numerous rehab facilities in California, treatment-seeking individuals may also look for treatment outside of the Golden State. American Addiction Centers has centers across the nation and options include the following: