Alcohol and Drug Addiction Rehab Centers in Oklahoma City, OK

Statistics of Addiction Rehab in Oklahoma

The U.S. has a rising problem with alcohol and drug addiction. In 2018 alone, more than 67,000 people died from a drug overdose. In Oklahoma, 308 people died from an overdose involving opioids that same year.1

Many overdoses that professionals in alcohol and drug addiction rehab centers in Oklahoma see are the result of abusing opioid prescriptions, as there are 79.1 prescriptions per 100 people, which is much higher than the US average (51.4 prescriptions per 100 people).2

When it comes to deaths involving prescription drugs, Oklahoma is in fourth place. Abusing prescription opioids is a huge problem in this state.3

Rehab Centers in Oklahoma

  • 208 Registered facilities.
  • 158 Outpatient facilities.
  • 45 Residential facilities.
  • 9 Hospital inpatient facilities.

inpatient and outpatient alcohol and drug rehab centers in oklahoma

What are the Types of Addiction Treatment Programs in Oklahoma?

A great number of patients struggling with addiction and substance use disorder (SUD) require long-term therapy in order to recover successfully. As there isn’t a one-size-fits-all when it comes to therapy, there are several different drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs available for people who come to Oklahoma rehabs, generally including two broad categories: inpatient (sometimes referred to as residential and may include hospital care) and outpatient.5

Inpatient Rehab Oklahoma

Inpatient addiction treatment held by drug rehab centers in Oklahoma is intended for people struggling with a severe SUD. Inpatient alcohol and drug rehabs provide 24-hour care for people who cannot recover without monitoring. When looking for alcohol and drug inpatient treatment centers near your area in Oklahoma, patients may also have options between hospital-like and residential environments at treatment centers in Oklahoma.

Outpatient Rehab Oklahoma

Outpatient Rehab in Oklahoma offer treatment programs for SUD sufferers who are aware of their struggles and are willing to try to help themselves but don’t need ongoing care. Therapy options in these programs may include:6

For about 90% of people, outpatient treatment at some Oklahoma rehab centers near their area is enough to help them start a new life. However, the other 10% requires professional assistance at an inpatient drug rehab in Oklahoma.7

Does Oklahoma Rehab Centers provide Treatment for Co-Occurring Mental Health Disorder?

Mental health issues and alcohol and drug addiction often go hand in hand for many people with SUD. Co-occurring disorders are especially common among military veterans seeking help from Oklahoma rehabs. A great number of these people struggle with PTSD and similar mental health issues.8

Another common issue is depression combined with alcohol and drug abuse. In 2013-2014, 10.3% of adolescents in OK had at least one major depressive episode before they’ve reached 17 years of age.9 Anxiety issues and alcohol and drug use and abuse are also common.8

As mentioned, PTSD is one of the most common co-occurring disorders for people with SUD. So, some of the leading centers, such as the professional team at AAC, have some of the best co-occurring or dual diagnosis treatment programs. American Addiction Centers, in particular, can provide you with a precise dual diagnosis in one of their multiple treatment centers across the state to help provide you with the best care possible. You can call their PTSD hotline if you’re struggling and need help.

What Should I Expect in Alcohol and Drug Rehabs in Oklahoma?

Screening is the first step of the admissions process when you want to get help in some of the addiction rehab centers in Oklahoma and across the country.10 Then, you’ll be required to honestly provide information on your SUD and previous substance abuse. This will help medical professionals determine which type of program is suited for you.11

The next steps depend on whether you need outpatient or inpatient care. If you’ll be getting treatment as an outpatient, they will assign you a primary therapist who will give you input on further steps.10 If you need to go to an inpatient facility, you’ll likely be told to go to an alcohol and drug treatment rehab near you in Oklahoma or out of state. You will also be provided with a packing list.11

Rehab Insurance Coverage in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is among popular treatment locations in the U.S. This is likely due to the many beaches and ranches the state has, making it one of the enjoyable and peaceful places for detox centers. Most detox centers in Oklahoma can be found in Oklahoma City.4

Among many Oklahoma rehab centers, there are 144 private facilities and 10 state-funded addiction treatment centers. Additionally, 3 receive funds from the community, local, or county government, while the federal government funds 6. However, the Tribal Government covers a high number of facilities – 28 of them.4

How to find Drug and Alcohol Detox Center in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma detox centers play a big role in alcohol and drug addiction therapy. As of 2017, there are a total of 19 detox centers in Oklahoma.4 Alcohol and drug detox programs help people get rid of opioid or alcohol toxins from their bodies. They also help fight withdrawal symptoms, which are highly unpleasant for many patients in rehab centers.12

What’s more, detox is the first step for most treatments. During this time, your body is healing from substance abuse, whether alcohol or drugs, but requires further care afterward. Many patients have described this process as extremely painful and uncomfortable.13

Does My Insurance Cover Rehabs in Oklahoma? 

As mentioned before, there are 10 state-funded rehab centers in Oklahoma and 9 that receive funding from federal or local government.4 Most other alcohol and drug treatment centers in OK accept plenty of insurance carriers. This includes two of the largest ones, Medicaid and Tricare.11

If you opt for some of the national rehab centers held by AAC, it’s good to know that this institution cooperates with major insurance companies. Their team can help you verify if the insurance policy you have will cover the expenses of being at one of their substance abuse treatment centers. You can use the website to get all the information you need. You can also give them a call or chat by using the form below.

How to Pay for Rehabs in Oklahoma Without Insurance?

Many people suffering from SUD don’t have an insurance policy. In fact, approximately 37.3% of individuals who made an effort to obtain treatment but didn’t receive it couldn’t afford treatment.14

Luckily, there are different financial institutions that agree to offer loans that will cover treatment costs in Oklahoma. For instance, The National Health Service Corps is one of the recognized institutions that offer assistance with payment. However, the exact amount of borrowed money will depend on your credit score.12

Are there Free Rehabs in Oklahoma?

There are 127 free alcohol and drug addiction treatment centers in Oklahoma intended for individuals who cannot cover treatment costs.4 If you need help locating some of these rehab facilities, you can look at

This is one of the best websites for people who have questions such as: “What are some available free alcohol and drug rehabs near me?”. It offers you a database of many no-cost drug rehab centers in Oklahoma, as well as in other states.15

What Should I Look for in an Addiction Rehab Center in Oklahoma?

When looking for the best rehabs in Oklahoma, you need to pay attention to several features, such as:5

  • Program length.
  • Types of treatment.
  • Payment options.
  • Care requirements.
  • Medical staff.
  • Accreditations.

Another thing you need to look for are testimonials from (dis)satisfied patients. For instance, AAC’s treatment center from Texas, called Greenhouse Treatment Center, has many positive comments and references from people who’ve traveled there for rehab. This can be a valuable indication of service and treatment quality.

The Greenhouse Treatment Center has a variety of treatment options, including both outpatient and inpatient programs, detox, recovery residence, as well as rehab for couples dealing with SUD. People looking for adequate alcohol and drug detox programs shouldn’t hesitate to consider this facility even if it’s out of state. Completing 90 days of treatment at this facility is a great foundation to start working on a new life.

Addiction Treatment Facilities Across the Country

American Addiction Centers (AAC) is an institution that’s recognized across the country. We offer expert and diverse drug and alcohol treatment options in many US states. In addition to Greenhouse Treatment Center, we also offer: