Weekend Rehab Centers for Alcohol and Drug Addiction Near Me

Weekend Rehab Centers: Alcohol and Drug Rehab Program After Work

People who are struggling with substance use disorders may benefit from attending a weekend drug or alcohol rehab program to detox and focus on recovery with the right level of professional help. This type of short-term treatment can be carried out either in an outpatient or inpatient setting.1 While it can be helpful for treatment-seeking individuals, it’s primarily meant as a type of continuing care due to its short duration.1

Weekend rehab centers often provide intensive outpatient programs that cover at least 9 hours per week, with an addition of several weeknight sessions. The treatment plan is typically personalized based on the patient’s needs, so the exact duration and schedule of the sessions can vary.1

An alternative to outpatient treatment is weekend inpatient drug rehab, where patients can take part in therapy sessions and receive help from support groups. They’re usually used as a transition from inpatient hospital or non-hospital rehab.

Are Weekend Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers Really Effective?

Weekend alcohol and drug rehab is primarily effective at providing support to recovering individuals who are transitioning from their stay in a residential inpatient facility. One advantage of this type of treatment is that it doesn’t disrupt the patient’s life as much as long-term programs do.2 However, it’s not typically suitable for people who are just entering treatment and those who had a history of long-standing substance use and multiple relapses.2

You can contact your preferred facility and undergo a detailed intake assessment of your condition. The trained staff at the center evaluates patients to determine whether weekend rehab is the right course of action for them and what drug and alcohol treatment program suits them.1

What Is Initial Evaluation at Weekend Drug Addiction Treatment Facilities?

Before you enter any type of treatment, including weekend drug or alcohol rehab, you can expect an initial evaluation of your condition. Treatment professionals will assess the length and scope of your substance use as well as other relevant factors. The findings will enable the staff to recommend a suitable level of care and create a tailored treatment plan for you.3 

If your concerns are mild to moderate, weekend rehab programs for alcohol and drug use may be helpful.2 However, if a patient is suffering from severe addiction and co-occurring medical or mental health disorders, they may only benefit from this kind of program after they’ve first had a stay in long-term inpatient treatment.2 

What Treatment Models Are Offered at Weekend Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers?

Weekend drug and alcohol treatment centers provide different levels of care, based on what each individual patient requires.2 Weekend rehab programs are commonly intended to help an individual stay sober after they’ve already set out on the path to recovery in previous levels of care.1 They usually on preventing relapse, maintaining abstinence, and supporting recovering individuals throughout as they resume their daily routine outside a treatment facility.3

Weekend rehab usually includes educational programs to inform people about the root causes and detrimental effects of substance abuse. They also teach recovering individuals how to prevent relapse, cope with triggers, and continue in the direction of lasting recovery.2

What Are the Advantages of a Weekend Alcohol and Drug Rehab Program?

There are several benefits of attending a weekend rehab center for drug and alcohol addiction, including:2

  • Recovering individuals can focus on their careers and personal life while attending treatment.
  • They offer people who’ve completed a more intensive level of care a chance to get continued assistance.
  • Patients have ongoing access to support groups, where they can share their day-to-day experiences.
  • They teach patients coping strategies and skills that help them resist triggers.

Can Anyone Go to Weekend Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers?

Weekend alcohol and drug rehab programs work well as continuing care with the purpose to keep the individual sober.  It may be particularly suitable for people who can’t take a long break from their responsibilities. However, a more intensive, long-term type of treatment may be necessary if the person is battling severe, long-standing addiction or has relapsed before.2

Is It Time for Me to Attend a Weekend Alcohol or Drug Detox Center?

It’s impossible to keep up substance use without it negatively affecting different aspects of your life and causing a wide variety of issues, such as:2

  • Money problems.
  • Deteriorating health.
  • Trouble with the law.
  • Broken relationships.
  • Lowered work performance.

If these difficulties are causing severe disturbances to your life, you can receive the help you need, including weekend alcohol and drug detox. You may even seek emergency assistance by entering same-day alcohol and drug addiction treatment.2

How to Pay for Weekend Alcohol and Drug Rehab Programs?

There are multiple ways to finance your weekend alcohol or drug rehab program, such as private health insurance, government healthcare programs, sliding fee payments, and bank loans.4 State-funded rehab centers provide low-cost or free services for low-income patients so the price of treatment doesn’t have to stop you from receiving the care you need.2

Because they’re short-term services, weekend rehab programs for alcohol and drug addiction are generally more affordable than long-term alternatives. Compared to their cost, the price of having an SUD is much higher and its effects are extremely destructive.2 Free weekend rehab programs may also be available to you.

If you’d like to find out more about your treatment options and their prices, you can call your facility’s helpline and talk to an approachable admissions navigator. You’ll also find out more about the center’s admissions procedures and take the first step toward receiving professional, research-based support. 

How Can I Locate Weekend Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers Near Me?

Weekend alcohol and drug rehab programs are typically suitable for recovering individuals who have already attended long-term inpatient or outpatient treatment. Many prefer to travel out of State while others may want to stay near their home. After you’ve gone through detox and your condition has been stabilized, you can research your options for weekend rehab, which can keep you on the path to recovery.5

If you or a loved one are interested in entering this type of treatment, you can start browsing suitable treatment centers by using the tool provided by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.6 

When you narrow down your options, you can contact the facilities directly, verify that it’s in your insurance carrier’s network, and discuss the methods of payment they offer. Another possibility is to contact your insurance provider and make sure that your package covers this kind of treatment

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You can call our helpline to share your story in a confidential and discreet environment and receive guidance on the further steps you can take toward recovery.

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