60-Day Alcohol and Drug Rehab Programs Near Me

What is a 60-Day Rehab Program? 

For many individuals who seek treatment, the standard 90-day rehab sounds too long. Many cannot even afford to spend so much time in rehab programs for alcohol and drug addiction. While there are proven benefits of undergoing a rehab program that lasts at least 90 days, not everyone is prepared to make a commitment. Not to mention the costs associated with it.1

Compared to that, the results of 30-day drug rehab programs might be somewhat discouraging. The fewer time patients spend in rehab, the higher the chances of relapse are. This is especially the case for people struggling with a severe case of substance use disorder (SUD).1

Therefore, 60-day rehabilitation programs make a great balance between 30 and 90-day rehabs, which is why they became extremely popular. They are also more affordable compared to longer-lasting treatments.2

Compared to rehabs that last 30 days, 60-day addiction treatment programs have beneficial outcomes. As there are more than 3,000 facilities offering inpatient rehab for alcohol and drug addiction, chances are you can find 60-day rehab programs near you.3

60-day rehab programs near me

What Happens During A 60-day Rehab Program?

In general, 60-day drug rehabs are designed to help achieve positive results that will last for a longer period of time. This is why programs are specially tailored toward addressing the individual’s unique struggles.1

Most of the time, individuals who apply to either a 60-day alcohol or drug rehab can expect the following:4

The professionals at 60-day inpatient drug rehabs will always consider a co-occurring disorder when creating a treatment plan for each individual. This way, they can deal with both problems at once.4 They will create personalized plans according to the individual’s circumstances. By doing this, they are reducing the chances of relapse, ensuring long-term rehabilitation and sobriety.5

A Typical Day at a 60-Day Inpatient Facility

There usually isn’t a single way an individual can spend their day while in 60-day residential rehab. The daily schedule will be created based on everyone’s case. Most of the time, however, their day will include:4

Where To Go After 60Day Rehab? 

If an individual makes progress, once the 60-day detox program has been completed, they may transition to some of the milder forms of treatment. Most of the time, the patient will move to a sober house or start the outpatient treatment after inpatient care.6

As a part of the aftercare plan, most individuals that have completed 60-day recovery programs participate in many support groups and undergo follow-up counseling.4 The aftercare program might also involve families of the individual with SUD. If they feel like they require additional help coping with their loved one’s struggles, they can find support groups for the relatives of sufferers.7

Sometimes, the recovery process isn’t going as planned. This might require prolongation of the treatment.1

How to Choose a 60-Day Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehab Program?

If you’re on the lookout for 60-days inpatient drug rehabs near you, there are a few things you need to consider beforehand. Many facilities offer different types of care and have different qualifications, all of which can impact your journey to recovery.6

Typically, you’d want to consider:7

  • Medical staff.
  • Different techniques of treatment.
  • Daily plans and schedules.
  • Additional perks at a facility.
  • Aftercare plans available after the treatment.

Of course, the cost of the 60-day treatment centers is another important factor to consider, as well as the location of the facility. Many people don’t feel like going out of state for their treatment. If this is the case, you can focus on finding high-quality 60-day drug rehabs near you.7

Why Should I Go with A 60-day Inpatient Addiction Treatment? 

There are several reasons why a person might want to get administered into the 60-day alcohol and drug rehab. As mentioned before, 30-day rehabs, while beneficial for some individuals, usually don’t have a high success rate of achieving long-term sobriety.3

On the other hand, 90-day rehabs can last too long and they can be too costly for the others. 60-day residential treatment programs offer a compromise between the two options, making them a preferred choice among many.3

A 60-day day rehabilitation program follows the standards of inpatient treatment. 60-day detox programs can ensure the patient spends enough time in a sober environment while experiencing withdrawal. Also, the individual seeking treatment has 24-hour medical care and support while remaining in a secure and controlled environment. This will also keep them safe from triggers that might lead to a relapse.1

60-day alcohol rehab programs can help the individual build new skills needed for the recovery and implement what they have learned. This can also be done by connecting all patients to the alumni who might offer them support even once the treatment has been completed. This is one of the reasons why you should always read testimonials of persons who have already completed their 60-day rehabilitation program.4

How Much Does 60 Day Rehab Cost? 

It can be challenging to understand the costs of treatment. Resources aren’t always easy to find and the cost can vary depending on a number of factors.2

The cost of substance abuse in the U.S. is estimated to be above $400 billion each year. Because of that, the stay at treatment centers is seldom affordable. However, this is what might save your life.8

The cost of treatment at a 60-day rehab facility will usually cost between $300 and $800 daily. This can total between $24,000 and $45,000 for the entire treatment. On the other hand, the costs of untreated addictions can end up being much higher.8

Can My Insurance Cover 60-day Alcohol and Drug Rehab?

Most insurance providers, such as Medicaid or Tricare, will cover the partial or full costs of treatment at 60-day inpatient drug or alcohol treatment centers. This usually dependson your policy.9

One of the easiest ways to check if your insurance can cover the cost of treatment is to check with a provider. For instance, American Addiction Centers (AAC), one of the leaders in addiction treatment, is in-network with a range of insurance companies. You can explore different payment options easily by reaching out to their support team.

How Can I Find a 60-day Inpatient Facility Near Me?

You can inform yourself about the 60-day drug rehab centers available to you by contacting local insurance providers or medical professionals. They might be able to help you find treatment centers that you can get into. Another option is to contact the AAC admissions team who can present you with different options depending on your needs while verifying your insurance coverage via phone. Call the AAC helpline for any questions you may have.