24/7 Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse and Addiction Hotlines

Drug & Alcohol Abuse Hotlines and Numbers in Florida for Addiction Treatment

Substance abuse is on the rise in Florida and in other states across the country. Drug abuse isn’t a modern problem, but the psychological and physical repercussions of addiction have gained attention in the latest years. As such, there are many new forms of treatment for substance use disorder (SUD), as well as additional ways to get help and support such as calling a 24/7 substance abuse hotline.1

First hotlines were founded over 60 years ago. They were initiated to provide help for LGBTQ+ individuals that faced discrimination. As years have passed, hotlines in many states, such as Florida, have moved on to support many sensitive communities. This included abuse victims, women, and individuals suffering from SUD.2

Hotlines quickly gained popularity for several reasons, the main one being that they enabled individuals to get help and necessary information without face-to-face contact.2

There were more than 4,500 reported drug overdose deaths in FL in 2018 and about 68% were opioid-related. Prescription drug abuse is especially prominent in Florida, as the state has, on average, 53.7 opioid prescriptions per 100 persons, which is higher than the US average of 51.4. All of these are reasons why there are more and more individuals calling hotlines for substance abuse in Florida.3

What Do Hotline Numbers in Florida Do?

24-Hour Florida helplines are confidential phone services that individuals struggling with SUD and their family members can use to get necessary guidance and resources about drug use and getting addiction treatment in Florida.4

In addition to substance abuse hotlines, there are many other helpline services available. This includes mental health hotlines for depression, as well as other mental health issues.4

Florida addiction recovery hotlines are there to provide help to people fighting SUD, as well as those close to them, by providing them with all the available resources, necessary information, and referrals to professional treatment providers.4 

Navigators who answer calls can also discuss any co-occurring disorders that go hand-in-hand with SUD, what some available treatment programs for substance abuse are, and differences between outpatient and inpatient rehab. They can also explain what to expect when a user goes to rehab.4 

What are the Addiction Treatment Programs in Florida, FL? 

As for the substance abuse treatment in Florida, as of 2017, there are around 700 facilities that offer help for people battling SUD. These include:5

  • 559 Treatment centers that provided outpatient treatment for over 55,200 clients.
  • 195 Residential facilities that helped take care of more than 5,600 struggling individuals.
  • 48 Hospitals that offered inpatient treatment for over 1,500 people with heavy withdrawal symptoms.
  • There are 197 facilities for drug detox in Florida that provide help for around 3,100 individuals that require it.

What should I Ask When Calling Substance Abuse Hotline in Florida? 

No matter what Florida abuse hotline number you call, you should use the time on the phone to get useful information on substance abuse, possible treatment options, as well as the following steps you can take.4

A professional dispatcher can help provide you with information that will allow you to  understand whether your loved one is having problems with substance abuse. They can also  help you determine what the best next step for your situation is.4

This is also a great time to ask a dispatcher some frequently asked questions that can help you understand your position, such as:6

Can I Call Florida Addiction Helpline for Someone Else? 

No matter if you’re the one battling SUD or if you’re worried for your loved one, you can always call drug and alcohol abuse and addiction hotlines available for FL residents. Such calls will be beneficial no matter if you’re calling for yourself, for your family member, or a friend. Speaking with a professional who understands your situation can help you decide what your next move be should.7,8

When Is the Right Time to Call an Addiction Hotline in Florida, FL? 

There are several reasons why someone might want to call drug and alcohol addiction numbers in FL. Most importantly, if you’re considering calling a helpline, you should know that it’s always the right time to do it, especially if you’re experiencing serious symptoms of SUD that are starting to control your regular activities.6

Hotlines are a great place to get accurate information on drug counseling in FL, as well as to look into possible treatment options. Admission navigators can help you contact a professional who will listen to you and help you find the best solution to embrace a drug-free lifestyle.4,6

Is florida Addiction Hotline Numbers Free and Confidential? 

In general, drug and alcohol addiction hotlines are entirely confidential and free in Florida and across the country. The caller’s privacy is protected by several laws. These numbers are there to provide 24/7 drug and alcohol addiction help to struggling individuals and the information about the caller cannot be shared with an outside party.9

What will happen when I call Florida Substance Abuse Helpline? 

When calling an FL hotline, you’ll get an opportunity to speak to a trained professional. To help them help you, it would be best to share as much information as you can. This might be crucial in referring you to a medical professional for a proper initial SUD assessment and suggesting the next steps.6

You can expect a hotline operator to ask you:6  

  • Whether your life is in danger. If the answer is ‘Yes’, they might direct you to some of the drug and alcohol abuse 24/7 hotline numbers for crisis and help in Florida.
  • Specific information about your or your loved one’s substance abuse.
  • What your location and age are.
  • How severe your SUD is and how long you have been battling substance abuse.
  • Whether you’re struggling with mental health issues at the same time.
  • Whether you’re ready to undergo treatment. 
  • Questions about yourself or your loved one and your insurance information.

List of Free Florida Addiction Hotline Numbers 

If you want to call an FL helpline but don’t know where to start, here are some resources that might be of use to you:

  • SAMHSA’s free-of-charge treatment referral helpline: 1-800-662-HELP (4357).10
  • National Alliance on Mental Health’s helpline: 1-800-273-8255.11
  • FADAA & Florida Behavioral Health Association’s website holds many helpful resources.12
  • Florida Public Health Department Substance Abuse Program Office offers drug counseling in FL: 1-850-487-2920.10
  • 211.org: A website and a hotline that offers help for people about various problems that plague their everyday lives.13
  • Central Florida Cares Health System: They offer a suicide-prevention hotline at 1 (800) 273-8255.14
  • University of Central Florida has a list of many resources that can help young adults battling addiction. 407-823-2924.15
  • American Addiction Centers is another widely available resource for individuals struggling with substance abuse. Their experienced admission navigators offer assistance through free hotline numbers available 24/7 .

You can also use the online treatment facility locator developed by SAMSA to find local treatment centers in Florida or in other states.16

How Do I Find a Florida Inpatient Drug & Alcohol Rehab Near Me? 

One of the first steps you can make is to call some of the available Florida hotlines to see whether they have information about a nearby inpatient drug rehab facility. You’ll likely to find facilities in a nearby location.5

There are many online locators that can help you search for appropriate treatment facilities or even luxury rehabs that can provide you with the best care possible. Calling your insurance provider can also help you get information on the available treatment options. 

You might also want to call reputable treatment providers, such as the American Addiction Centers (AAC) hotline. This is a great way to check available treatment options at specific facilities. For example, if you’re living in Hillsborough County, you might want to consider the River Oaks Treatment Center. On the other hand, for individuals living in the Hollywood area, Recovery First Treatment Center might be the right choice

For some further insight into what these facilities provide, you can check their patients’ testimonials to see for yourself the quality of services they offer and the expertise of the professional teams that work there.

River Oaks Treatment Center

River Oaks Treatment Center is an AAC facility located in Riverview, FL. It combines world-class amenities with evidence-based therapies. There, you can get not just help with substance use disorder, but for any co-occurring mental health disorders.

The facility offers multiple care levels, such as medical detoxification, partial hospitalization programming, and inpatient rehabs. They also provide various types of therapies and specialized treatment for many sensitive groups.

Recovery First Treatment Center

Located between Fort Lauderdale and Miami, Recovery First Treatment Center provides compassionate, high-quality care and professional therapeutic modalities. Just like River Oaks, the staff at this facility deals with not just SUD but also co-occurring mental health conditions.

At Recovery First Treatment Center, you’ll find personalized levels of care and customized treatment plans. You can get services such as medical detoxification, outpatient and inpatient rehab, and withdrawal management.

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