Does Health Plan of Nevada Cover Alcohol and Drug Rehab?

Health Plan of Nevada Drug & Alcohol Rehab Insurance Coverage 

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction and you’ve made the decision that it’s time to seek help, we’re here for you. We know that taking this important step on your path to recovery is critical, but we also know that receiving care comes at a cost. If you have either an HMO or POS Health Plan of Nevada (HPN) plan, you can most likely receive coverage for your drug rehab.1 This coverage can help offset the out-of-pocket costs commonly associated with drug and alcohol rehab.

HPN, which is a part of UnitedHealthcare—one of the largest health care insurers in the United States—provides individual health plans and some Medicaid plans to Nevada residents. In many cases, your HPN plan should provide some level of coverage for rehab, resulting in little to no out-of-pocket costs to you. This is not a guarantee, however. All health plans vary in coverage details depending on the plan you select, your location, and the care you choose to receive. The only way to determine whether your rehab costs will be covered is to call the number on the back of your insurance card to verify your benefits and coverage.

What are the Addiction Treatments offered by Health Plan of Nevada?

No matter the specifics of your health plan, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires coverage of certain essential health benefits.2 The act’s mandate includes coverage of mental and behavioral health care services. This means that your HPN plan should cover such services in some capacity.

Treatment offerings and programs will vary based on the treatment facility and your unique situation. The following treatment methods are among the most common, and most likely will be covered in some capacity under your HPN plan:3

  • Inpatient/residential treatment provides intensive care for a few days to a few months in a hospital or residential setting. Care may include detox, medical care, therapy, drug education, and general activities.
  • Outpatient or therapy programs provide structural and long-term managed care for patients. Typically, these programs involve meeting about once or twice per week for either individual or group therapy. Unlike inpatient programs, you can return home after your session is done.
  • Intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) combine aspects of inpatient and outpatient care. Those who are in IOPs typically meet a few days per week for a few hours per day to receive the care they need. While it’s more involved and intensive than traditional outpatient treatment, it’s not as intense as inpatient treatment.
  • Partial hospitalization programs (PHPs) typically use the same process as inpatient rehab methods. Many PHPs involve several hours of day programs, and you can return home at the end of the day.

Please keep in mind that this list of treatments is not all-inclusive nor does it guarantee that these types of care will be covered under your HPN plan. Your health care provider may recommend a different course of treatment for you. Moreover, your HPN plan may or may not cover your treatment. Checking your coverage is highly recommended. Be sure to call the number on the back of your HPN card; you can also call the American Addiction Centers (AAC) helpline and have a representative verify your benefits and coverage.

Does Health Plan of Nevada Cover Mental Health Care?

Under the ACA, behavioral and mental health care must be covered in some capacity by your HPN plan. The mandate specifically states that substance use disorder treatment, inpatient care for mental and behavioral care, and behavioral health treatment must be covered in some capacity under your plan.2

Mandated coverage for such services goes a long way in ensuring treatment for a co-occurring or stand-alone disorder. It is incredibly important for those with a co-occurring disorder—a term used to describe someone with both a mental health and substance use disorder—to receive treatment for both disorders to achieve a successful recovery. If you have a co-occurring disorder, know that you’re not alone. The National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) reports that 7.7 million Americans suffer from a co-occurring disorder.4 The ACA’s mandate makes sure that those who need care can get care at an affordable cost.

How Long Does Health Plan of Nevada Cover Alcohol & Drug Rehab?

Unfortunately, there is no standard length of coverage for rehab across all HPN plans. This is because all plan benefits vary depending on the plan type you have, where you live, and where you seek treatment. Moreover, every person’s story is different; no care plan will be the same from patient to patient.

It is up to your provider to determine how long you need to be in rehab to fully recover. It is widely agreed that the longer you are in treatment, the more likely you are to recover fully and overcome any setbacks. Research indicates that treatment should last at least 3 months to effectively reduce the risk of negative outcomes.5, (numbered list number 5)

After your provider determines how long your treatment may need to be, they will typically work with your insurance company to sort out insurance benefits. You may need to call your insurer to talk about how long they will cover your treatment. It’s always good practice to try to verify these coverage details before seeking care so that you can avoid any surprise out-of-pocket medical bills. Call the AAC helpline to work with a representative to determine your coverage benefits and details today.

What if My Health Plan of Nevada Policy Does Not Cover Drug Rehab?

It is entirely possible that your HPN policy won’t fully or partially cover your rehab expenses. If that is the case, you will likely be responsible for paying for the cost of your rehab treatment out of pocket. You should not let the cost of treatment deter you from getting the care that you need. Delaying treatment can result in more costly bills because you may need more intensive treatment to overcome your addiction.

Many AAC facilities offer special financing options that you can use to pay for your rehab treatment. Be sure to call our helpline and speak to a representative to talk about financing options or payment plans. You can also inquire about any scholarship opportunities that may be available to you to help offset out-of-pocket costs for treatment.

Health Plan of Nevada In-Network vs. Out-of-Network Drug Rehab Centers

Knowing the difference between in-network and out-of-network facilities can mean the difference between a $100 bill and a $10,000 bill. In-network and out-of-network facilities are treated differently under your health plan; in-network facilities are typically covered at a higher level. This means that your out-of-pocket costs will be minimal in comparison to costs of care at an out-of-network facility.

To determine whether a facility is in- or out-of-network, be sure to call your Health Plan of Nevada insurance company or talk to the representatives at the rehab facility. Either agent should be able to help you determine whether they are an in- or out-of-network provider.

How to Check Health Plan of Nevada Coverage for Rehab?

If you have a Health Plan of Nevada insurance plan, you are likely covered in some capacity. In many cases, your HPN policy may cover AAC as an in-network provider. This means that you may be able to receive care and preferred rates at an AAC facility in Nevada such as the nationally recognized DesertHope facility. In some cases, your plan may fully cover your treatment at this facility.

Call our helpline today to get started on your path to recovery. We can help you determine whether your treatment at DesertHope or another AAC facility is covered under your HPN plan. One of our agents is ready and waiting to work with you on your journey towards recovery and rehabilitation.