Choking Game

As parents, there are so many things we need to worry about with our children. We want them to grow up and become successful, but there are many dangerous activities kids today are getting involved with, and they are causing injuries and death among teens and pre-teens.

The choking game is one such activity. Kids somewhere decided it was fun, and it has spread to every area of the country, ruining lives. The game can be played a variety of ways, but the main goal is always to make the person pass out from lack of oxygen. Kids will sometimes strangle themselves or make themselves hyperventilate in order to fall unconscious for a few seconds before waking back up. The person feels a rush when they wake up, like a drug high, which keeps them coming back for more.

Risky Behavior

But some kids don’t wake up, and too many parents have had to deal with the reality that their child is no longer with them because of a foolish game. Some kids think that something like the choking game is not as harmful as drugs or alcohol because it doesn’t involve substances. But it is just as dangerous, and every year 1,000 adolescents die from this game, and many more end up brain damaged.

Parents are the ones that hold the most power in preventing their kids from playing this game, or others like it. That’s the good news. The bad new is that too many parents aren’t aware of it or don’t know the facts, and kids continue to do this, even though it is dangerous.


A parent first of all needs to understand that their child is at risk for this game. Don’t think your child is too young, because it is now seen even in pre-teen kids. Don’t think that it’s not being done in your area, because kids don’t always talk about it to adults, but are still doing it. Don’t assume that your child is telling you the truth when they say they aren’t doing it. Find out for yourself.

We need to start talking to our kids at a young age about the risky games kids play, and warn them that their friends may want to try this game someday. Tell them about the risks and dangers of such games and why they should never try it.

As parents, let’s not let our guard down. Let’s not assume our child has enough instinct to stay away from these games, or that their group of friends wouldn’t try it. Let’s keep talking to our kids to prevent incidents like this from continuing to happen.

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