Devastating Effects of Drugs

One of the things that make drugs so harmful is that they completely take over a person’s life. The “high” that an addict feels makes them physically and mentally addicted and wanting more. After a short time people become dependent on the drug, doing whatever it takes to get more of it.

Desperate to Get Drugs

There are so many stories of the lengths people will go to in order to get their hands on their drug of choice. A large percentage of crimes are committed over drugs. People will steal money or things they can sell to buy drugs. Drug dealers kill people over arguments about drug supplies or costs. People high on drugs lose their sense of judgment and commit random crimes simply because they are too stoned to know what they are doing.

Other people, still trying to hold their lives together, will find other ways to get a hold of drugs. Prescription drugs are frequently ordered online, or patients will hop from doctor to doctor to get additional refills. There are countless websites that give step-by-step directions on how to make drugs like meth or ecstasy. Many drug addicts are so desperate to get drugs that they are willing to take the risk of making their own. Many meth labs have been set up in recent years, putting residents and neighbors at risk for explosions or harmful fumes.

Desperate to Not Get Caught

Drug abuse is bad anytime, but it seems especially sad when it involves children. Drug abusing parents are in no position to take care of their children, and the abuse or neglect that has happened to kids because of drug abuse is shocking. For example, a woman in Michigan was recently sentenced to prison after using her child to help her pass a drug test. The woman was being monitored for drug use after being caught a year before for drug trafficking. Knowing she would have to submit a sample to be tested and that she should be taking methadone as a treatment for heroin addiction, the woman made her daughter take the methadone and give the urine sample. Other drug addicts know their school, work or the court system will test them and so they go to great lengths to cheat on drug tests.

Help for Lives Ruined by Drug Addiction

Drugs have a way of totally encompassing the lives of those that use them. There are few addicts that are able to hold their lives together for long. There are many that can fool family and friends for some time, but pretty soon the drugs take over and the person loses the ability to function in real life. The only solution is to get help from a treatment professional. Treatment facilities that specialize in detox and therapy are able to help a person get their life back. It’s not necessary to stand by and watch the drug addiction completely take over. Recovery is easier if the help comes sooner rather than later, but getting treatment at any stage of drug addiction can help.

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