Four Ways to Keep Your Kids Off Drugs

Parents across the country are always looking for ways to keep their kids off drugs. It’s important for parents to keep vigilant in this matter.  Parents have a great deal of influence on their teen children, so it is their responsibility to do all they can to keep their child away from drugs. Parents shouldn’t assume that kids will hear the information they need to hear at school, because prevention should start at home.
Below are four ways parents can start the anti-drug campaign in their own home:

Get them a job. Kids can work at certain jobs as young as 11 year old. Kids who aren’t doing much else, especially during the summer, can get out and work a few hours every week. Babysitting and agricultural jobs are good starting jobs, as well as dog sitting, caddying, and doing yard work for an elderly neighbor. Even if your child is not making much money in their work, having them kept safe and busy will be worth it. Working a few hours at a job at a young age is also a great way to instill a good work ethic in your child, something they will appreciate as they get older.

Have them join a team. Teens who are in sports are less likely to get involved with drugs or alcohol. Part of the reason for this is that the coach and teammates have expectations for everyone on the team to be playing to their full potential, which means no getting distracted by drugs or alcohol. Most teams have strict sobriety rules, which creates a huge incentive for your teen to stay drug and alcohol free.

Get them involved with an organization. If your teen isn’t too much into sports, help them find something they do enjoy doing. Groups such as boy scouts, 4H, and church or neighborhood groups do a lot to keep kids busy, supervised, and interacting with other positive peers. There are so many options for kids these days, so don’t give up until your teen has found something they can get interested in. Theater productions, robotics teams, local children’s choirs or bands, and local conservation groups all give youth opportunities to get involved in constructive activities.

Spend time with them. Teens who have parents that are involved with their life will be more likely to avoid drugs and alcohol. Families that spend time together doing things and eating meals together have more opportunities for anti-drug conversations. Kids will be more likely to listen to their parents’ message if they’ve built some trust with them through the years, so maintaining a relationship with your child from little on is very beneficial.

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