Life on Life’s Terms

The entire idea of recovery simply to learn how to incorporate positive behaviors and principles into one’s lifestyle, so that when a real life situation arises, we are able to handle it, first and foremost without the use of a drug and ideally with a degree of dignity. It’s like a blueprint for life. We practice it repetitively and consistently in all our affairs, so that when something major arises, we can be ready at a moment’s notice to summon all that we have learned. Life on life’s terms means that when life shows up, we take it as it comes and don’t run from our problems by using a substance.

Dealing with life on life’s terms is not something addicts and alcoholics are accustomed to. In my active addiction, I used any excuse I could to continue using. Any “difficult” situation in life became an opportunity to justify my next high. In recovery, I’ve been able to learn new and constructive ways to deal with life. It started by practicing simple levels of responsibility to manage basic daily stressors like jobs, bills and traffic. In the past year, putting recovery into practice has allowed me to navigate some of life’s more serious challenges like the death of a loved one, illness in the family and difficulties in some personal relationships.

At TSN, we place a very high value on the gift of recovery. We realize that recovery is so much more than simple abstinence from drinking or drugging. When a sick and suffering addict or alcoholic becomes ready to embrace recovery, they find entirely new levels of freedom. Their lives are transformed. People that were once the source of chaos, pain and discord in their homes are able to become loving sons, daughters, spouses, parents and friends. Their recovery becomes a source of hope and joy, not only for themselves, but for their loved ones and others around them still suffering from addiction.

Life is never going to be perfect or without its challenges. Recovering from alcoholism or drug addiction can sometimes be a long road. At TSN, we are here to make sure that journey starts on the right foot and that any addict or alcoholic seeking that freedom gets the best available assistance in creating a solid foundation for their recovery.

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