Religious Substance Abuse Treatment

Many people today are unhappy. Some are worried about their finances, some are worried about their jobs, some are overworked, and some have bad relationships with family members. It is times like these that we see many people turn to alcohol or drugs to deal with their stress. It is also times like these that we see more and more people become addicted to these substances. Many people in this type of situation will eventually realize they have an addiction and they need help. A growing trend in our country is to connect a person’s religion with substance abuse treatment for greater success.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Religion and a relationship with God is something that Alcoholics Anonymous was founded on years ago. It used to be common at meetings for individuals to confess their belief in God and rely on that faith to help them through recovery from alcoholism. Although most AA meetings have gotten away from being strictly religious, they do still encourage members to find strength in their own higher power.

Religious Drug Treatment

Just like there are different programs and techniques that various treatment facilities offer for drug abuse or alcoholism, there are different religious programs that are out there for treatment too. Christian drug treatment has shown to be successful for many that are looking for a faith-based program. As with most other treatment programs, they may offer inpatient and outpatient programs, they deal with the 12 steps to recovery, and they offer therapy and medical care. But the difference with the Christian drug treatment program is that patients also participate in Bible study and prayer meetings, and learn about the Christian philosophy that inspires them to stay sober. Those that have successfully completed treatment at facilities like these often say they were encouraged by Bible passages that give strength and encouragement, that they began attending church regularly, and that the focus on their religion successfully took their mind off their addiction.

Religious Support

Many religions also have addiction recovery programs that offer something a little more to those wrestling with addiction. It is becoming more and more common to see Jewish or Catholic or Muslim groups offering counseling or therapy for substance abuse. With the increase in depression, suicides, and substance abuse in recent months, many religious groups are finding ways to help. For some people it is helpful to focus on their God and their religion to help them through the issues so many people are having right now. Some people are strengthened by meeting with others of the same belief that are going through the same struggles. A church or temple that has a drug or alcohol recovery program or a church leader that is able to help can be a good place to start when it comes to drug rehab. Even if an individual needs the care of a treatment facility, having their religious leader there to encourage them can be very beneficial for many.

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