The Miracle of Recovery

Recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction is a unique experience for each person. Some people find that it is exactly as it should be and they make it through rehab with few problems. Others have to fight and claw their way through it at every step, battling relapse the whole way.

The Miraculous Process of Recovery

Whatever the process is like, taking someone from a life of addiction to a life free and sober is an amazing thing. Many people consider it a miracle when someone who was an addict can be a functioning, contributing member of society. There are countless stories of the miracles people have experienced that have lead them to seek the road of recovery.

Of course, along the way there are also often miracles that happen. What actually got someone into treatment in the first place might be something amazing, but what caused a turning point to occur in treatment might also be miraculous. Sometimes the person experiences the miracles at the end or after recovery, as they find ways to help touch other people’s lives. Someone staying sober for years after recovery is a miracle to some people as well, and these individuals often continue to appreciate the gift of recovery they have been given throughout their life.

Sharing Our Experiences with Others

When we experience something wonderful or miraculous, we want to share it with others. Some things are just too good to keep to ourselves. That’s why this month is such a big deal. People who have gone through recovery, or have known someone close to them who has, know it is not an easy process. To finally be well enough to be back in society again is a huge feat, and we all want to take the time to recognize and celebrate that.

Recovery Month Essay Contest

Recovery is a miracle, and we want to hear about real experiences people have had. Treatment Solutions’s second annual essay contest is devoted to this topic. We are asking high school students in Miami Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach school districts to take part in this year’s essay contest. This year’s winner will receive a VIP experience with the Miami Heat.

The question we are asking is this: Recovery and miracles go hand-in-hand; share with us how you, personally, have seen recovery work a miracle in your life. Whether it was you, or a friend or a relative, how has someone you know overcome addiction and become a recovery miracle by not only surviving, but thriving in the community?

We want to hear about the experiences of our young people. This essay contest, like so many other events going on this month, will help us all create awareness for recovery. Through this, we hope others who really need treatment will find the help they need.

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