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31 Things to Do Instead of Drinking Alcohol

We would save ourselves a lot of trouble and hassle if we could find ways to manage stress and busy days in ways other than drinking alcohol. Our natural reaction to bad news, busy weeks, or hard days is often to have a drink. We seem to think that alcohol soothes the mind, or medicates our nerves, or maybe that it is our reward after enduring something negative. But we forget about how alcohol makes us feel the morning after, and how much time and money we actually waste on this substance that usually causes more harm than good. So maybe the next time we experience hardship, we shouldn’t reach for the alcohol. Maybe we shouldn’t make so many jokes about how a mom is really going to need a drink after that long day with the kids. Maybe we shouldn’t encourage co-workers to come out to the bar to drink their stresses from the day away.

There are many more effective things to do to relieve stress or to make ourselves really feel better. Sometimes just starting one of these activities will be enough to take our mind off of drinking. There really is so much more to life, and rewarding ourselves too quickly with alcohol takes away from these other experiences we could be having. The next time you feel pressured or entitled to drink your troubles away, try one of these activities first:

Go for a long walk

Visit a museum or the zoo

Go for a swim

See a movie

Take a class on languages or art

Get some coffee at your favorite coffee shop

Learn to play an instrument

Attend a play at a local high school

Take in a recital

Walk around the mall

Read a book

Play a game

Plant a flower or tree

Volunteer at a local food bank or shelter

Write a letter to a far away relative

Organize your photos

Call an old friend

Make a meal from scratch

Organize a baseball or volleyball game with friends or co-workers

Clean out a closet at home

Take a bath

Repaint a room in your home

Look through old yearbooks

Start a new hobby

Study the history of your town

Visit the Humane Society

Paint a picture

Go to the library

Ride a bike

Have a picnic

Plan your dream vacation


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