Conflict Resolution

Some people seem to thrive on conflict. Others do not handle it very well. Regardless of whether we are people that run toward conflict or away from it, conflict can cause harm in a person’s life. It can cause us to do things we don’t really want to do.

Conflict Seekers

Conflict can show up in all different areas of our life. Any time there is a relationship, whether personal or professional, there is the potential for conflict. Some people like this. Some people are always ready for a confrontation and can quickly become abusive with their words or attitude. These people are often risk takers, acting before they think, and not always weighing the consequences of their actions. This is also the type of person that could easily get caught up with drug or alcohol abuse or addiction.

Unfortunately, some people go through life mixing substance abuse and conflict. The results are arguments with co-workers and friends, domestic violence, and ruined relationships. Family and loved ones tend to suffer the most by being near these types of people, because the combination of substance abuse and a confrontational attitude almost always results in violence.

Trying to Avoid Conflict

Other people are so afraid of conflict that they will do all they can to avoid it, and are really affected when they have to deal with it. A strained relationship with family members, a divorce, and even negative interactions with co-workers can send some people into a downward spiral. There are, unfortunately, some problems in relationships that we can’t avoid, and those who are strong enough are able to pick themselves up and move on.

It’s the people who dwell on the negatives and get down on themselves that are the concern here. Rather than be able to move on after a divorce and start a new life, some people turn to drinking or drugs to make it on their own. Instead of keeping a safe distance from challenging family members, some people keep putting themselves in the line of fire, and then feel depressed afterwards because of the dysfunction in their family. Rather than learn how to effectively work with difficult co-workers, some people turn to substance abuse to help them get through the workday.

There are bad things that happen in our lives all the time. It is important for us to learn how to manage our reactions to things like conflict and handle them in a healthy way. Numbing our feelings with drugs or alcohol will not fix the problem; in fact, it usually makes the situation worse.

There are support groups and counselors that can help people that struggle with feelings related to conflicts they experience in life. Sometimes having someone to talk to, or learning the best ways to manage stressful relationships can make all the difference in the world.

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