Raves and Ecstasy

Young people’s use of drugs such as Ecstasy is increasing, despite warnings about such substances. Ecstasy is commonly seen in bars, at concerts, and at raves, and its popularity today suggests the message of its danger is not getting across.

Ecstasy is a hallucinogen and a stimulant that is often smuggled into the U.S from foreign countries. It is the drug of choice for partiers because of its effects. The stimulant in Ecstasy keeps the user’s energy high, and can sustain partygoers for hours. The hallucinogen “makes everything more fun”.

Drug use and raves go hand in hand. Young adults that attend these music and dance events that go on for hours and hours usually do so with the intent of doing drugs. Very few people go to raves simply to hear music – the dancing and partying while under the influence of drugs is the main priority.

Damaging Side Effects of Ecstasy

Many people would classify Ecstasy as a safe drug, and since so many people use it at raves, many people don’t think twice about using it. But Ecstasy has its consequences and side effects, and a number of people have been hurt or have died as a result of it. Ecstasy causes a rise in body temperature and extreme thirst, which causes the user to drink large amounts. The over intake of water can actually interfere with neurons in the brain, causing coma or seizure. On its own, Ecstasy can do damage, but other drugs are also commonly mixed into the Ecstasy, causing even more effects. Methamphetamine, ketamine, and other chemicals are sometimes found in Ecstasy, causing increased heart rate and body temperature as well.

Danger of Raves

Teens at raves get so caught up with the party and heightening their experience that they may not realize they or someone else is in danger. By the time it is evident that someone is in real trouble because of the drugs they took, it may be too late.

Many people are concerned about the safety of raves. There is often little adult presence, and the young people are almost all under the influence of drugs. Los Angeles has had several incidences at recent raves, including the death of a 15 year old girl last weekend. Because of this incident, the commission that oversees the L.A. Coliseum and Sports Arena announced a temporary ban on new contracts with rave producers. A meeting next week will determine the future of raves at this venue.

Preventing Ecstasy Abuse

Kids will be kids, and teenagers that attend these events want to have a good time. But putting people’s lives in danger is not worth it for a few hours of fun. The deadly side effects that these drugs cause should to be explained to young people, and teens should find alternatives to drugs and raves. Parents need to help educate their kids, and make sure they are supervised and safe, and find a better way to have a good time.

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