The Michael Jackson Story

Many of us might be tired of hearing about Michael Jackson’s death, but new stories are emerging almost daily. First, he possibly died of an accidental drug overdose, then it was maybe suicide, and now the latest is that it was probably homicide by his own personal physician.  As his family prepares to bury him this week, many are ready to just have this whole thing be over, and yet, new problems are emerging regarding the investigation process.

We may never get to the bottom of this story, and many people probably don’t care anymore, even though he was the King of Pop and his fame spanned generations. But what if it was homicide on the part of his doctor that killed Michael Jackson? Doesn’t it make you wonder how physicians can hold so much power in their hands?

Investigating the Doctor

There are actually two physicians of Jackson’s that have been investigated by the authorities in this case. The primary one in question is Dr. Conrad Murray, who was there when Jackson died. He admits to giving Jackson the powerful sedative Propofol just before he died, which was reportedly the cause of Jackson’s death. Along with this drug, Dr. Murray had been with Jackson for some time, giving him a host of other prescription medications to treat his ailments of pain, restlessness, and inability to sleep. Investigators searched both Jackson’s house and Dr. Murray’s office, but it is unclear what, if any, evidence they found.

Another doctor being checked out is Jackson’s dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein, who Jackson went to for more prescriptions. Reports say that Dr. Klein had aliases for Jackson in his files, perhaps so the performer could acquire more drugs.

A Flawed System

So who is at fault here? Was Michael Jackson jumping from doctor to doctor in order to get more prescription drugs without being caught? There are many drug addicts in our country that do that very thing. Visiting doctor after doctor, patients are able to be re-prescribed meds for an “ailment” in order to score more pills.

Or was Michael Jackson the object of a physician’s reckless oversight or more than one doctor willingly adjusting the books to allow him to have more than he should? If we look closely, we can find many examples of this going on around the country also. Doctors on the internet don’t care if they’ve seen the patient or not, or that they know the person is just trying to get more drugs that they are addicted to. Some of these websites and these doctors in real practices will prescribe medications without there being a real need for them.

It is hard to say how to prevent misfortunes like the Michael Jackson one. Maybe it would help to have government step in and regulate prescription drugs even more carefully than they already have. Maybe doctors should go through regular screening and investigations to monitor how they prescribe drugs. It only takes a slight slip as we saw in the case of Michael Jackson to make a fatal error.

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