Worst Celebrity Relapses in the Past Year

Relapse is hard for someone who is going through detox and treatment for drug abuse or alcoholism. It can even keep someone away from treatment altogether, because no one likes to fail at such a big task. It is also difficult for family and loved ones to see people go through relapse, and it can be humiliating for the patient.

Relapse, in a way, must be more difficult for celebrities who are in the public eye constantly. It is usually public knowledge when someone famous goes into rehab, and when we learn of more confrontations with the law, or more drug use, we are often not even surprised that relapse has occurred. It is helpful for those going through treatment to know that relapse does happen, and it is important to continue in therapy and support groups to keep on the right path. While some famous people never seem to be able to get it together, with the right kind of help and attitude, you can work to prevent relapse.

4. Charlie Sheen has had it all, as far as an acting career goes. He’s been in movies and tv, and has married supermodels. But his drug habit keeps getting in his way, and it has been an underlying cause of domestic violence, divorces, and lawsuits. Just last year, Charlie Sheen was back in court after going through rehab again, a cycle that seems to be continuous with this star.

3. Whitney Houston, once a singer superstar, has had a rough decade. She’s struggled with drug use and had her ups and downs with treatment. Whitney’s crack addiction has been blamed for her fall from stardom, and it is reportedly what is keeping her from coming back. Her recent tour was a flop, and many people are saying she has relapsed and is doing crack again. It may be difficult for Whitney Houston to ever fully come back, because of the harm that drug addiction has done to her voice and her reputation.

2. Lindsay Lohan may be the poster child for alcohol abuse among young people, and the consequences that go along with it. This talented actress has had her share of run-ins with the law. She has spent many hours in court and many hours in rehab because of court orders. Lindsay has also left rehab a number of times, but keeps relapsing or somehow finding herself being sent back. Lindsay had a promising career ahead of her, and hopefully with the right treatment and commitment, she will be able to live a sober life again.

1. Ted Williams, the man with the golden voice, is now said to have dropped out of treatment. This homeless man was an overnight sensation, thanks to a YouTube video. His three weeks in the spotlight have given the world a glimpse into his life, including his relapse into drug addiction. Even with the help of Dr. Phil and all his resources, Ted has reportedly left it all behind to get back to his drug addiction.

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