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Townsend Treatment Center

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Outpatient Drug Rehab in South Louisiana

  • Townsend Treatment Center – Baton Rouge, LA
  • Townsend Treatment Center – Covington, LA
  • Townsend Treatment Center – Houma, LA
  • Townsend Treatment Center – Lafayette, LA
  • Townsend Treatment Center – Lake Charles, LA
  • Townsend Treatment Center – Metairie, LA
  • Townsend Treatment Center – New Orleans, LA
  • Townsend Recovery Center – Scott, LA

(Residential Care & Medical Detox)

The Townsend Way

If you’re tired of living in the chaos of substance abuse, and addiction involving alcohol or drugs has damaged your life, relationships, or job, Townsend can help you reclaim your life. Townsend Treatment Center services provide our patients with innovative treatments, research-based therapy, and customized care to help find the life that may have been lost while trapped in a life of of drug use. With eight facilities in South Louisiana, Townsend offers addiction treatment that focuses on addiction as a brain disease.


Innovation in Treatment

Townsend centers aren’t like other rehab facilities and use a proprietary pharmacogenetic sequencing algorithm to increase scientific accuracy, provide better individualization, and yield better outcomes in treatment. The Townsend Way of approaching the brain disease of addiction is different than other rehabilitation programs.


Residential & Outpatient Programs

Since addiction is a brain disease that may be kept in remission, Townsend works to get to the root of the individual’s addiction. Townsend Treatment Centers offer ideal residential and outpatient treatment to help stop the disease progression and stop the devastation caused by alcohol or drug use.


Features & Benefits

  • Residential & Outpatient Programs
  • Pharmacogenetics & Individualized Treatment
  • Individual, Group, and Family Therapy
  • Family Night Program
  • Innovative Treatment
  • Research-Based Addiction Therapy
  • Dual Diagnosis (Co-occurring Disorders) Care

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