Drug and alcohol assessments

Take the Quiz: Drug and Alcohol Assessments

Put your substance intake to the test with these drug and alcohol assessments

Alcohol Test:

The Michigan Alcohol Screening test (MAST), is a self-scoring test that helps determine whether an individual has a problem with drinking. (This is the current revised version of the MAST; the original MAST is composed of 25 questions and uses a more complex scoring method.)
Selzer ML: “The Michigan Alcoholism Screening Test: the quest for a new diagnostic instrument” Am J Psychiatry 127(12):1653-1658, 1971.


Drug Abuse Test:

This test is designed to help you determine if you have a problem with drug abuse and the level of abuse occurring if any. This test specifically does not include alcohol abuse. Gavin DR; Ross HE; Skinner HA. (1989) ‘Diagnostic validity of the Drug Abuse Screening Test in the assessment of DSM-III drug disorders’, British Journal of Addiction 84(3): 301-307

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