Different Ways to Celebrate Recovery Month

Recovery Month is coming to a close, and we are happy to have had the chance to celebrate yet another year of recovery, sobriety, and those individuals that help make it possible. The month is not over yet, and many great activities are planned for the end of September and into October. Check out the Recovery Month website for information on events happening yet this year. This is also a great time to think about getting involved with an activity for next year’s Recovery Month, or an ongoing program, because the struggles and successes of recovery go on all through the year.

Most Recovery Month activities fall within a few main categories:

  • Informational seminars help create awareness for substance abuse and recovery, such as a workshop given by a treatment professional.
  • Support programs bring together those in need to gain strength from others.
  • Walks or rides for the cause create awareness and sometimes raise money for local shelters or community recovery programs.
  • Annual contests aim to get people thinking about recovery and putting their ideas into the form of posters, songs, essays, or videos. Treatment Solutions is hosting its very own student essay contest that will conclude on September 30th.
  • Viewings of films or plays that relate to the recovery theme help bring the journey of recovery to life.
  • Fun activities are common, such as bowling events, dances, fairs, campouts, picnics, and music concerts.
  • Events sometimes feature celebrities that are passionate about addiction recovery, or politicians pushing for drug regulations.
  • Sporting events may enlist the support of MLB, NFL, or other pro sports teams.
  • Ethnic activities bring together groups of people to help preserve their culture, and celebrate the recovery their families have gone through.

Anyone can organize a Recovery Month activity. The Recovery website provides toolkits for those looking to start an activity on their own, and it lists all activities throughout the country that have been submitted.

A Recovery Month event doesn’t have to be extravagant or pricey, or take a long time to plan and organize. Here are some ideas that have been organized across the country that have succeeded in gaining attention for Recovery Month.

  • Paint the Town Red – Groups sell red ribbons that are then tied on trees across the city.
  • School Supply/Recovery Education Party – This event combines recovery education with giving impoverished families free school supplies.
  • A-MAZE-N Recovery – A walk for Recovery is made into an educational maze filled with addiction information that participants must navigate through.
  • Hands Across the Bridge – Participants join hands to span the Interstate 5 Bridge between Washington and Oregon.

All takes is a little planning and a group of people willing to make it work.

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