Fun without Alcohol

Some people still think they can’t have any fun without alcohol. During Alcohol Awareness month, it is a good time to offer fun, fulfilling activities that don’t involve alcohol. Many groups have been working on new and interesting outings and events to let people know that alcohol doesn’t necessarily mean more fun. Alcohol Awareness month helps educate people about the risks of alcohol abuse, gives motivation to drink less, and gives people tools to improve their lifestyles.

Young people especially use alcohol to have fun. Go to a majority of college parties, and you’ll probably see drinking games. April and May also make up prom season. Everyone knows that prom goes hand in hand with drinking, and often with drunk driving. One-third of all alcohol-related traffic fatalities involving teens occur during prom season.

Alcohol Awareness Activities

But this month is all about finding other ways to have a good time, without the alcohol. Some high schools are organizing events to keep kids safe this year. A “sober contract” is being drawn up at many schools for students to sign, pledging to not drink alcohol during the prom season. Other schools actually test students with a breathalyzer before letting them into the prom.

Colleges are also amping up their awareness of alcohol abuse among students. Giving college students other options for having fun may help curb underage or binge drinking.  Some colleges will promote alcohol free parties or events throughout campus.

Other groups are creating awareness through attention grabbers. Displaying a smashed up car that was in a fatal alcohol-related accident can really make someone stop and think. So can listening to a lecture by a mom who lost her daughter and granddaughter because a four time offending drunk driver hit their car and killed them. Or maybe hearing the personal story of a recovering alcoholic’s journey will make others think about their own drinking.

Not all drinking is wrong or harmful. But we need to be careful about how much we drink, when we do it, and why we do it. Too much, too often can quickly lead to negative consequences or addiction.

As we continue to learn about the use and misuse of alcohol this month, we should take the time to experience the completeness of life without alcohol. Many organizations are out there that promote “dry fun”. Check out community bulletin boards like to find social activities that don’t involve alcohol. Coffee groups, beach walks, sporting events, dances, picnics, and plenty more can be enjoyed with old or new friends without the negatives that come with alcohol.

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