Take the Love Quiz: Are You Codependent?

Love can be a slippery slope—and sometimes being in love with someone gets tangled up with feeling the need to control that person, or stay in the relationship even when it’s toxic. When a partner or loved one is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, it often adds an even greater level of this dysfunction, known as codependency.

Those with substance addiction or other addictive behaviors often develop relationships with someone who will care for them and willfully exist in a place of codependency. Codependents themselves become addicted to the control, the drama, the obsession and the dysfunctional relationship.

This push and pull creates many problems as such toxic relationships can emotionally starve their participants over time. Individuals lose their sense of their own desires and needs, and instead of caring for themselves, they live to take care of and be with their partners. The resulting stresses and anxieties marinating within can be detrimental to one’s health.

Does your partner have a problem with addiction? If so, have you begun to take care of him or her to an unhealthy extent? Do you devote an unhealthy amount of effort and attention to your partner?

A codependent relationship is an unhealthy relationship. Put yourself—and your relationship—to the test now.

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