Addiction Treatment for Professionals

We offer addiction recovery placement services for employee assistance, member assistance, social workers and more.

Busy professionals such as EAPs, MAPs, therapists, psychologists, social workers, drug counselors and other mental health professionals are often responsible for finding the right addiction treatment for a client, and fast. It can take hours of research and numerous calls to insurance companies to find the best facilities – and sometimes to no avail. Rather than getting lost in the pressures of the placement process, American Addiction Centers does the work for you.

We assist professionals with the entire placement process, from choosing the right treatment facility to aftercare. American Addictions Centers owns and operates exceptional treatment facilities nationwide. American Addiction Centers makes your life easier so you can focus on your clinical work.

We don’t replace your protocol, but provide adjunct support – at no cost to you or your client.

Addiction Treatment Professional Services

Once we assign a Treatment Consultant to the individual in need, our team manages the research, paperwork and all logistics that surround placement:

  1. Facility selection
  2. Insurance verification
  3. Travel
  4. Case management
  5. Family involvement
  6. Aftercare plan
  7. Insurance paperwork
  8. Doctor’s letters
  9. Travel arrangements
  10. Updated clinical notes on weekly basis


In most cases we verify insurance in 90 minutes and have the ability to admit clients the same day they, or you, contact us.

Maximized lengths-of-stay. The longer a patient is engaged in treatment, the better the chances for lifelong recovery.

Individualized care. We work to address the root causes of addiction. Throughout treatment we provide further individualization with comprehensive assessments and individual sessions with our behavioral staff.

Aftercare. We work as a team to coordinate the best care for clients upon completion of their treatment stay, and we work closely with our referral sources and providers to ensure clients can continue their care post discharge, maximizing chances of lasting recovery.

We save you hours of research and paperwork, allowing you more time to focus on your client’s recovery. Call today and learn how we can help you help your clients.