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Top 5 Ways to Prevent Substance Abuse

How to Prevent Substance Abuse While it’s practically impossible to prevent anyone and everyone from using illicit drugs, there are things we can all do to avoid drug and/or alcohol abuse. By sharing this knowledge with those... read more

Unspeakable Methamphetamine Crimes

Methamphetamine is one of those drugs that is truly addicting and it truly changes its user’s appearance and brain function. Many people who experiment with this drug just once or twice end up hopelessly addicted, ruining their lives... read more

Drinking Alcohol Make Us Cold

Some areas of the country are experiencing freezing temperatures for the first time this season. What has been mild weather for many has turned into sub-zero temperatures this week, and it has left many people trying to find ways to stay... read more

Trading Food Stamps for Drugs

An estimated 46 million Americans receive food stamps every month. With the economy largely on people’s minds and talk of budget deficits widespread, some people are looking to the food stamp system to fight fraud and save costs. Fighting... read more

Worldwide Drug Statistics

A summary of global drug abuse statistics was released by Australian researchers last week. The report shows the estimated numbers of drug abusers in various areas of the world, and finds that wealthier, more advanced countries are more at... read more

Interlock Device for DUI Offenders

Many states are moving ahead with regulations that would have ignition interlock devices installed in vehicles of people cited with DUIs. Lawmakers and law enforcement hope these devices will decrease the number of drunk drivers on the... read more

Pros and Cons of Legalizing Marijuana

What if marijuana was legal? The marijuana debate has many people wondering the answer to that question. People are very polarized on the topic, and both sides think they can predict what would happen if marijuana were legalized.... read more

Recognizing Video Game and Internet Addiction

Imagine that something takes hold of your child’s mind so forcefully that you can’t get through to them any more. Some kids suffer from addiction so severe they don’t want to do anything else all day. Many parents go through... read more

Addiction Causes Pain for Loved Ones

People get hurt feelings all the time in our world. Sometimes all it takes is a harsh word or a difference of opinion to set someone off. We may think that people who get their feelings hurt often need to get some tougher skin and... read more

Autism and Substance Abuse

Autism is a disorder that we are still trying to find out more about, with no real cure in sight. Parents are still learning how to manage this disorder, and should be aware that someone with autism will encounter greater challenges related to... read more