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Top 5 Ways to Prevent Substance Abuse

How to Prevent Substance Abuse While it’s practically impossible to prevent anyone and everyone from using illicit drugs, there are things we can all do to avoid drug and/or alcohol abuse. By sharing this knowledge with those... read more

The PTSD Plague

Brave. Heroic. Strong. These words define a firefighter.  Inhuman. Immortal. Immune. These words, however, don’t. Firefighters are some of the most courageous men and women imaginable, but each and every day, but they’re also at an extremely high... read more

When Drunk Driving Happens… Blame the Bartenders?

When a drunk driving accident occurs, most people blame the person who drank alcohol. Many legislators, however, believe some of that blame should be placed on the person who served the alcohol in the first place. Liability laws vary... read more

Taking a Gamble: Illinois Lottery Sales Now Online!

Last week, Illinois became the first state to allow lottery tickets to be sold online. On the first day of sales, tickets for the games Mega Millions and Lotto brought in $15,000 for the state. Illinois as the guinea pig Over the next... read more

The Connection Between Emotional Trauma & Drug Abuse

We often blame emotional trauma during childhood for negative occurrences later in life, like difficulty holding down a job, making friends or committing to marriage —  and rightfully so. While there may be a... read more

Social or Binge Drinking

Many people take pride being able to go out with friends and NOT get totally smashed. And that’s a good thing, they should feel proud… because binge drinking can easily lead to full-blown alcoholism. Dangerous territory Social drinkers... read more

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Substance Abuse

Many people in America suffer from mental illness and a drug or alcohol addiction that co-occur. These types of disorders often mask one another and can be hard to diagnose and treat. OCD Obsessive Compulsive Disorder... read more

Afraid of Drugs

We often have biases about drug abuse. Maybe we think all drug addicts live on the streets of big cities, or that every rich and famous person does drugs or abuses alcohol, or that all young people will try drugs at least once in their life. Some people... read more

The Effects of Having an Alcoholic Parent

We know that parents have great influence over their teen when it comes to experimenting with drugs or alcohol. New research suggests that teenage brains can actually form differently, based on the  drinking behavior of their... read more

The Beast We Call Progression: Addiction a Progressive Disease

We want to thank Dr. James DiReda for offering another excellent guest post for us! Dr. DiReda has over twenty years experience working with individuals, families, and organizations to address alcohol, drug,... read more