Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Coverage for Cocaine Detox and Rehab Treatment

Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover Cocaine rehab?

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) healthcare plans cover a wide range of services.1 From medical health to mental health and substance use disorders, you can access treatment with your BCBS coverage.1

Cocaine use disorder is among the many different types of substance misuse issues that someone may seek BCBS addiction treatment for.2 You can participate in one of the BCBS Insurance rehabilitation centers that treat cocaine. Talk to an admissions navigator at the rehab facility, and they will verify your specific Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance substance abuse treatment coverage.

Alternatively, you can check your member benefits by visiting the Member Services page online.1

What Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Cover for Cocaine Treatment?

When preparing for BCBS cocaine rehab nationwide, you want to first determine what type of treatment you need. BCBS insurance drug treatment programs offer a range of treatments and services. You can discuss your rehab needs with an admissions navigator to receive more information about what program is right for you. Below are the different types of treatment levels available. Your BCBS coverage for cocaine rehab may cover all or part of these services:

  • Screening and assessment: Rehab facilities use evidence-based screening and assessment tools to determine the type of substance use disorder you may have and direct to what type of treatment you need.3
  • Detox: Medically supervised detox aids the patient during the withdrawal phase of rehab.3
  • Inpatient or residential rehab treatment: Inpatient treatment consists of a closely monitored program that takes place in a residential setting. This thorough treatment program can be on a short- or long-term basis, with some patients staying up to 12 months.4(long)
  • Outpatient rehab treatment: An outpatient rehab provides therapy on a regular basis for people. You attend treatment sessions less frequently than the other programs. People should be fairly stable and able to function well on their own before stepping down to this level of care.5(outpatient)
  • Intensive outpatient program (IOP): For people who need a bit of oversight and services for their treatment, an IOP will utilize outpatient features but be conducted more frequently.6
  • Partial hospitalization program (PHP): A PHP will provide residential care with medical providers for several hours a day and approximately 5 days a week.7
  • Behavioral therapies: BCBS rehab coverage will provide various behavioral therapies for cocaine use. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is one common method used.8
  • Treatment for co-occurring disorders: When dealing with co-occurring disorders, professionals recommend behavior therapy combined with medications that are tailored to an individual’s diagnosis and symptoms.9

What Blue Cross Blue Shield Does Not Cover for Cocaine Treatment

BCBS insurance coverage will provide many services to treat a cocaine use disorder.2 However, your policy may not cover everything. Rehab facilities offer a range of amenities and services that may not be covered by your policy. These added features include such things as:

  • Non-medical amenities.
  • Holistic care services.
  • Alternative therapies.
  • Recreation programs.
  • Private treatment services.
  • Food delivery.

You can check with an admissions navigator for additional details about what your BCBS cocaine rehab covers.

How Much Does Cocaine Rehab Cost?

The cost of Blue Cross Blue Shield cocaine rehab varies based on several factors. Even different states have different price points.

Other factors contribute to the BCBS Insurance cost. These factors may include:

  • What type of care you receive (inpatient, outpatient, IOP, etc.).
  • How long you stay at the facility.
  • What rehab facility you choose.
  • Does the facility have added amenities available?
  • What the exact insurance policy and provider the patient has.
  • Is the facility you’re going to in-network with BCBS?

If you’re concerned about not having the coverage you need for your treatment plan, you can check with BCBS insurance drug treatment providers for scholarships, financing options, or need-based assistance. Don’t let anything delay you from seeking the help you need.

Cost of Inpatient Cocaine Rehab

BCBS inpatient cocaine rehab costs will vary based on the factors such as the duration of treatment and amenities. You can discuss your inpatient rehab options with an admissions navigator for more information.

Cost of Outpatient Cocaine Rehab

Outpatient cocaine rehab is less intense than an inpatient program. 5(outpatient) Patients usually participate in outpatient treatment after they’ve completed an inpatient program. An outpatient rehab program consists of meeting with a therapist once or possibly twice a week.5(outpatient)

Consequently, the duration of time spent in treatment is much less since you won’t be there 24/7, bringing the cost down.5(outpatient) So, while costs for outpatient cocaine rehab can vary, it will be less than inpatient treatment.

Cost of Cocaine Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP)

Partial hospitalization program treatment is similar to an inpatient program, except you’ll go home in the evening.7 You can expect the cost of a cocaine partial hospitalization program to be between the cost of inpatient and outpatient care. 7

Cost of Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

A medication-assisted treatment program is FDA-approved.10 An approved MAT facility will dispense medication that helps patients with recovery.10

Cocaine Rehab vs. the Cost of Cocaine Addiction

Everything has a cost associated with it. If you want to achieve anything in life, it will cost you something. There are positive and negative costs. Choosing BCBS addiction treatment nationwide may cost you money. You may have the cost of co-pays, deductibles, and co-insurance.12

However, there is also a cost to continuing to using cocaine. You might determine that the cost of substance misuse is actually higher than the cost of obtaining treatment. Cocaine use can cost people in the following ways:

  • The financial cost of substance abuse
  • Cost of lost income because people may not be able to work as needed when doing the drugs
  • You may develop health problems due to using cocaine. This can lead to additional medical costs you wouldn’t normally have.

Aside from the financial costs of addiction, there are the mental health and well-being costs.

What Length of Cocaine Rehab Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Cover?

The length of your BCBS drug coverage will depend on the policy details and the tier level you have. An admissions navigator at the chosen rehab can look up that information for you. However, it’s helpful to know the recommended length of time for cocaine rehab.

Since cocaine addiction is a chronic and complex condition, you may want to choose to participate in some type of treatment throughout life.11 After BCBS inpatient drug rehab nationwide, you may determine that sticking with therapy on an outpatient basis will keep you on the road to recovery.

Whether you choose this path or not, professionals recommend that you participate in treatment for at least 3 months.11 This prepares you for living life in the outside world.11

Choosing Between Blue Cross Blue Shield Inpatient vs. Outpatient Cocaine Rehab Centers

When deciding whether to begin rehab in an inpatient or outpatient program, consider your needs and what your long-term goals are. If you are just beginning the treatment phase, you may find that an inpatient program is more beneficial at the moment. You can switch to outpatient cocaine rehab after you’ve stabilized.

Some of the benefits of choosing inpatient cocaine rehab over an outpatient one includes:4 &5

  • You can receive a higher quality of care.
  • It provides a treatment ecosystem.
  • You have a solid support group.
  • You are treated in a more focused/intense environment.
  • Patients are held accountable.

How To Use Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance for Cocaine Rehab?

If you are struggling with cocaine misuse, you can take the following steps to begin the recovery process:

  • Talk to your doctor about your issue. They can give you any referrals or recommendations you may need.
  • Search for a suitable BCBS substance abuse treatment facility.
  • Determine whether the rehab takes insurance and is an in-network provider.
  • Work with BCBS rehab center to determine what your insurance covers.

How To Find Cocaine Rehabs That Accept Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance

American Addiction Centers (AAC) is here to assist people who are on the journey to recovery. They provide top-notch quality treatment programs through AAC’s leading rehab facilities with Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage nationwide. One quick call, and you can have your insurance verified right away. Call the Blue Cross Blue Shield helpline and discuss your insurance and treatment options today.