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Christian Drug Rehab

Christian drug rehab is not a new concept. Alcoholics Anonymous and the 12 Steps were founded on the principle that we need to focus on and gain strength from a higher power to help us recover from our addiction. Spirituality is something that is able to really inspire and motivate many people, because it gives them a new focus and the strength to make it through hard times and struggles.

The Power of Spirituality

When we reflect on our lives at a time like Lent, we can’t help but see our mistakes. We know we’ve done plenty of things wrong; maybe we have hurt our kids or spouse, maybe we’ve slacked off at work, maybe we’ve let alcohol abuse or a drug addiction take control of our life. We can question our path in life, and wonder why we are where we are, but to find the answers, many people are turning to their bibles or their churches.

Studies show that religion does help in the battle against addiction. CASA, the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University found that compared to teens who attend religious services weekly or more, teens who never attend are twice as likely to drink, twice as likely to smoke, more than three times more likely to use marijuana or binge drink, and more than four times more likely to use illicit drugs. (1) CASA also found that adults who do not attend religious services are almost twice as likely to drink, three times more likely to smoke, five times more likely to use illicit drugs other than marijuana, seven times more likely to binge drink and eight times more likely to use marijuana than adults who do not attend church services.

Benefits to Christian Drug Rehab

There are many benefits to Christian drug rehab. First of all, a study of scripture shows us that we are not perfect, that our lives are a mess, and that we don’t even deserve anything better than that. But the Bible also shows us that we are saved from our sinfulness through our Savior Jesus Christ. The fact that Christ cares about us and wants to have a relationship with us (even the most serious drug addict), gives us motivation to clean up. Christian drug rehab refocuses our lives and puts the emphasis back on God, our “higher being” from the 12 Steps. There is a hope for our future, it’s called heaven, and because of that hope, we can let go of all the struggles and pain and wrongdoings here on this earth. This world is not what matters. What matters is our eternal future.

Programs at Christian Rehab Facilities

There are many organizations and churches that offer drug treatment and support groups for addicts. These are fine and beneficial for some people, but those people that have a real addiction still controlling their life need to be in a professional rehab facility. Professional Christian drug rehab facilities provide help from treatment professionals who have experience helping patients break free from addiction. They may use the 12 Steps and other principles that are known to work to treat addiction. The difference is that Christian drug rehab facilities also incorporate Bible study, group therapy and prayer, and counseling by a Christian therapist. Oftentimes a Christian facility will offer family treatment, where the bond between family members is encouraged to help the patient overcome their addiction. Another way these Christian drug rehab facilities help people with substance abuse is through a focus on nature and God’s creation. Often located in peaceful ocean or mountain settings, these facilities offer plenty of opportunities to relax and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Just like with any drug treatment facility, patients and family members should weigh the benefits of a facility and find one that is a good match to providing what they need. Many people struggling with substance abuse can benefit greatly from the Bible study, the commonality of others of the same faith, and the strength and the hope that is given at Christian drug rehab.

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