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Dangers of Polydrug Abuse

Polydrug abuse is a dangerous trend in which the user combines different drugs to get desired effects. We may not be surprised that people at clubs use stimulants as well as drink alcohol, or people may combine anti-anxiety medicine with other things. This kind of drug abuse has grown in popularity in recent years, and it poses new problems for users. Self-medicating with one drug can be harmful, but combining drugs can cause even more problems.

Prescription Drug Abuse

The act of polydrug abuse has increased in the past five years, along with the increase in prescription drug abuse. People today feel they can self-medicate whenever they want, for physical ailments as well as emotional needs. If someone is having a hard time sleeping, they pop a sleep aid. Anxiety is reason to self-medicate with a Prozac. Feeling a little sad? Some would suggest you try a stimulant. Students who want to concentrate better will fund themselves an Adderall. Someone wanting to lose weight can give weight loss pills a try.

Combining Drugs

We all want a quick fix to whatever is bothering us, and unfortunately, that attitude has carried over into medicating ourselves. We can’t imagine not being able to cure something with a pill, and we are willing to endure side effects if necessary. Many people see no problem in using other people’s prescription pills, or using medications in combination with other kinds of drugs.

Some people even feel the need to use their illicit drugs along with other medications to get the right fix. Even though they are addicted to one drug, they will also start using a second or third drug to enhance the effects of their high. People will commonly take stimulants with depressants to create “speedball”. Others have found fun with Viagra and alcohol. Many people come up with their own creations, made up of drugs they really know nothing about.

While some people are addicted to certain drugs, many others will just jump from drug to drug to get whatever results they are looking for that day. This way of thinking is harmful because we begin to believe we need the fix these drugs provide, and it can be physically dangerous also.

Dangerous Side Effects

Mixing illicit, prescription, and over the counter drugs can cause some serious side effects, some potentially fatal. Many drugs cause negative side effects, and many drugs used in combination can cause serious damage to someone’s internal organs or brain. We need to develop a more healthy respect for any kind of medication. The sooner our society begins to realize that abusing any drug can be dangerous, the sooner we can really start preventing things like prescription drug abuse.

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