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Get Involved with Recovery Month This Year

Many people want to find ways to help others. There are so many ways we can be a benefit to others, by helping them physically, spiritually, or emotionally, and when we help others, we almost always experience a benefit ourselves. This September, as we observe National Recovery Month, there will be many ways to help others through our actions.

Recovery Month Goals

Recovery Month is a huge, nationwide, month-long chance to create awareness for substance abuse and mental health recovery. It is during this month that we celebrate those who have recovered from an addiction, as well as show our appreciation to those professionals who have helped people recover. It is also a time to help others get into the treatment they need, so that they can also experience true recovery. To accomplish these goals, organizations hold parades, picnics, contests, walks, and other events that help get the word out.

People Helping People

People who feel a strong desire to help the recovery community grow in strength and numbers see this month as a time to really get to work helping others. This month would not be what it is without the many volunteers and supporters who really make it happen.

Many of these people put the time and energy into making a Recovery Month event successful because they care and want to help out. Some of the organizers have also been through their own recovery, or that of a close friend or relative. They have seen firsthand the ways recovery can change a life and they want to spread that success to others.

Helping with an Event

One of the best ways we can help others this month is to get involved with a Recovery Month event. If you are in a position to research and plan an activity or event, go for it! There will be people to help you. The National Recovery Month website is a great place to start to get ideas and helpful hints on how to successfully run an event. Other people might find it easier to help with a local event that has already been scheduled. Or maybe your financial or other support is what is really needed at this time.

There is much to be thankful for during this Recovery Month. Many people would not be where they are today, or even here at all, if they wouldn’t have gotten into the right treatment facility. However, there are still many people in need of the right program. Many people settle for less than ideal programs, or are too afraid to check themselves into treatment at all. This month, by creating awareness for recovery, we can help others get the treatment they really need.

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