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Marine Corps Starts Prime For Life, Alcohol Intervention Program

Spousal abuse, suicide and sexual assault plague the Marine Corps, and have one thing in common: alcohol as a catalyst. And so, the Prime for Life program has been put into effect among the Marine Corps to focus on early intervention and high-risk drinking to help prevent drunk driving and alcohol-related incidents among Corps men and women. The program is based on evidence-based information, and is one of many alcohol-related initiatives among the Corps to be implemented this year.

According to the Marine Cops Times, “The program ‘equips Marines with the ability to assess high-risk behaviors and influence changes in attitudes and beliefs,’ according to the MARADMIN, signed by Brig. Gen. Robert Hedelund, director of the Marine and Family Programs Division of Manpower and Reserve Affairs, in Quantico, Va.

“‘Substance abuse prevention staff across the Marine Corps have received training on how to implement this early intervention tool. Prior to this early intervention tool, we had a nonstandardized approach that was not supported by evidence-based practices.'”

More key information:

  • Marines cited for a DUI/DWI currently receive early intervention services, but the MARADMIN establishes Prime for Life as the new standard.
  • Another awareness campaign will be implemented to focus on the risks of alcohol abuse and misuse, training efforts and the development of educational resources related to these behaviors.

In a July interview, Hedelund affirmed the road ahead will be difficult, and said, “‘I think we’re getting there with senior leadership, and we’re certainly getting there with commanders who understand that drinking responsibly doesn’t mean the same thing to an O-6 as it does to a 21-year-old.'”

It’s so great that the Corps is cracking down on high-risk drinking, and using evidence-based practices to prevent dangerous behavior. Treatment Solutions also firmly believes in and applies evidence-based treatment, and we applaud the Marine Corps for recognizing a problem, and doing something about it.

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