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Resources for Families of Addicted Individuals

Getting the right help for the individual is essential to successfully treating addiction. Getting help for the family of the individual is also very important, and it is something that shouldn’t be overlooked. Everyone in a family suffers when a member has an addiction to substances. Help is out there, and below are some resources designed to treat the family members of addicts.

Spouses of Addicts

Oftentimes, spouses understand more than anybody about how an addict is suffering. Whether the couple had a healthy relationship before the addiction took over or not, the other adult in the household can see what both the addict and the family are sacrificing because of the addiction.
Al-Anon holds regular meetings throughout the country to encourage families of alcoholics to focus on their own peace of mind and strength. Nar-Anon, like Al-Anon, focuses on the Twelve Steps to healing for family members. Nar-Anon helps families of individuals addicted to narcotics, and it also holds free meetings throughout the country.

Co-Dependents Anonymous is another support group for spouses. Because of the stress that addiction can put on a couple, often the spouse of an addict develops an unhealthy co-dependence in an attempt to hold it all together. Co-Dependents Anonymous helps individuals to free themselves from destructive behavior and if possible live their lives with their spouse, but not dependent on them.

Parents of Addicts

Adolescents addicted to drugs pose a difficult problem. Being so young, it is important that the child and their family get help for the addiction right away so the teen can look forward to a life free from this suffering. Adolescents are usually still living in their parents’ homes and under their rules, so it is especially important for parents to be informed about the methods of treatment and ways to help their child when they are back home.

The Phoenix House is a New England-based coalition of professionals that work together to provide treatment for young addicts as well as counseling for the entire family. Parental involvement is key to these programs and education, activities, and therapy are provided for entire families.

Inspirations for Youth and Family is another organization that treats adolescents for drug and alcohol abuse. Families are also provided with therapy and activities that work toward the goal of reuniting the family.

Children of Addicts

Not to be overlooked, children in a family with addiction also suffer and should receive treatment. offers a wide range of programs that help the whole family deal with addiction, some specifically geared toward children. Alateen offers meetings for teens of alcoholics, much like Al-Anon. Even though they might not have a very large voice when it comes to addiction in the family, children are very much in need of counseling or treatment as they suffer with a loved-one’s addiction.

Families have many options to getting treatment as they deal with an addict among them. It is important to reach out for help from professionals in order to free themselves from the addiction.

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