What Is Motivational Interviewing Therapy?

Before clients enter substance abuse treatment, it’s likely that loved ones have already shown concern. Yet the confrontational approach that comes with “talking sense” into a person with an addiction is frequently unsuccessful, making them resentful and angry instead of feeling inspired to change.

What Is the Purpose of Motivational Interviewing Therapy?

Motivational interviewing therapy is a different way to encourage individuals struggling with addiction to get clean and start recovery. The American Addiction Centers counselors who use this technique don’t shy away from the addiction, but they also don’t argue with the client or tell them what he or she “must” do. Treatment options are discussed in a nonjudgmental, back-and-forth manner, as the addict actively contributes ideas and possible solutions during the discussion.

Is Motivational Interviewing Therapy Effective?

Motivational interviewing has been effective, and in fact “outperformed traditional advice giving in 80% of studies,” according to a recent article published in the British Medical Journal. This form of client interaction shows positive results because it’s a way for clients to lead the way in their own recovery by being included in the strategy-making process. At the same time, these clients also benefit from professional advice and support.

Motivational interviewing can be helpful throughout the various stages of a person’s attempt at quitting smoking:

  1. Thinking about quitting: motivational interviewing can raises the issue of smoking in the first place, help guide a discussion on the pros and cons of cigarettes, and finally, help the client decide to stop.
  2. Actually quitting: during this phase, counselors will provide practical advice on stopping, which may include “plan a day,” “stick to it,” “prepare for danger times” or “plan lots to do.”
  3. Staying cigarette-free: whether the habit is cigarettes or substance abuse, motivational interviewing plays a key role in relapse prevention. Counselors will continue to monitor clients’ progress. During moments that the client’s will is tested, counselors are there to provide positive encouragement.


What Are Your Payment Options for Motivational Interviewing Therapy?

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