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Top 5 Ways to Prevent Substance Abuse

How to Prevent Substance Abuse While it’s practically impossible to prevent anyone and everyone from using illicit drugs, there are things we can all do to avoid drug and/or alcohol abuse. By sharing this knowledge with those... read more

Homemade Street Drugs a Danger

The manufacturing of street drugs in private homes isn’t a new concept, but it is just as risky today as it ever has been. Illegal drugs have been made in clandestine labs for decades as a way for the maker to bring in money or to support... read more

Inhalants as a Gateway Drug among Teens

Parents that are concerned about their teens’ risky behavior may not be aware of all the temptations out there, or the young age at which many adolescents are exposed to them. Inhalants are growing in popularity among youngsters... read more

About Family Involvement in Substance Abuse Treatment

Families of drug or alcohol abusers go through a lot of painful feelings as they struggle with their loved ones’ addiction. Sometimes these family members are overlooked as help is being offered to the person with the drug or alcohol... read more

Seasonal Affective Disorder and its Effects on the Body and Mind

For some people this time of year is, quite honestly, a struggle. It’s not just the hurry of the approaching holidays, or the long list of things to do, or the colder weather. For some people it is... read more

Effects of substance abuse on children in the family

Drug and alcohol abuse is a large problem for adults in our world today. But it is probably an even bigger problem for the children of today who are being raised by alcoholics or drug users. These children have to... read more

Alcohol Abuse and its Effects on the Economy

Most of us know that alcohol abuse causes conflict and problems in families throughout the country. And you may know that individuals and families spend millions of dollars each year on the effects of the disease of... read more

The Effects of Exercise On Substance Abuse

There has been a push lately for research that shows whether or not exercise can help prevent substance abuse and/or aid in the recovery of addictions. Some say that there is new evidence showing that exercise can help prevent... read more

Teen Stress and Drug Abuse

How stressed is your teen? What are the consequences of stress on adolescents? What can be done to relieve teens’ stress? A new study released this month by the Partnership for a Drug-Free America indicates that stress may be more of a concern... read more

Many are Clean, but are they Sober?

Many in the recovery community claim to be “Clean and Sober” But, what exactly does this mean? Clean refers to living without using drugs. Sober is used in the same context. However, the definition of “Sober,” also reveals a path, and a... read more