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Aetna Oklahoma Insurance Coverage for Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers

Yes. Aetna Oklahoma covers drug and alcohol rehab. strives to provide you with the most updated information on each carrier's addiction insurance coverage, but policy changes and errors do occur. Please check with your insurance carrier directly to confirm coverage levels.
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Aetna Oklahoma: Rehab & Detox Centers in OK That Take Aetna Insurance

Oklahoma—nicknamed the Sooner State—offers some exciting and family-friendly attractions, such as the Oklahoma Museum of Pop Culture, the Oklahoma Zoo and Botanical Garden, and the Jasmine Moran Children’s Museum.1, Open Oklahoma State Map With a population of 3,956,971 in 2019, Oklahoma is home to many healthy and happy Americans.2, Chart

But like most of the country, the state is also battling a worsening substance abuse crisis. Between 2019 and 2020, drug overdose deaths in Oklahoma increased from 645 to 762.3, Chart, Deaths Also, between 2019 and 2015, almost 17,000 more people were enrolled in substance use treatment in the state during a given day.4, pg 27

If you are one of the many people in Oklahoma looking for treatment centers that will accept your insurance, we want to help. Aetna of Oklahoma insurance can allow you to get the treatment you need that is both covered and effective.

Does Aetna of Oklahoma insurance Cover Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers?

Addiction is a chronic disease that can leave many people devastated and struggling, including the friends and families of addicts.5, Pg 3-4 When a person stops using drugs, this is only a part of the process of recovery, and better outcomes are seen with the help of a treatment program.5, pg. 13 Unfortunately, many people may feel that the cost is prohibitive for finding the necessary professional recovery services.

However, the fear of not having enough money for addiction treatment shouldn’t stop you from seeking it. And the truth is that treatment for addiction is often more affordable than you may realize. There are many options available for assisted recovery from substance abuse and addiction, many of which are fully or partially covered by insurance.

First, however, make sure you know what your Aetna of Oklahoma insurance will cover. You can do this by calling the phone number on the back of your insurance card or by reaching out to one of our support representatives. We’re available by phone, chat, or online form, which is here on this page.

What Is Aetna of Oklahoma?

Aetna is an insurance company that was founded in Hartford, Connecticut in 1853.6, Our leadership Since then, its mission has been to focus on “innovative benefits, products, and services.”6, Our leadership In the case of substance use disorders, Aetna vows to connect its patients with affordable treatment and to help them get the full extent of their benefits when it comes to addiction treatment and recovery.7, How Aetna can help

What Substance Addiction Does Aetna OK Rehab Treatment Centers Cover?

Unfortunately, there isn’t just one substance that can cause misuse and addiction. Some common substances of abuse include:

  • Marijuana.
  • Alcohol.
  • Cocaine.
  • Heroin.
  • Crystal meth.
  • Prescription drugs.
  • Opioids.

Knowing the substance you or your loved one is struggling with (and whether more than one is involved) is helpful for finding the best treatment program for your needs. This is because there are many treatment types, and some are more effective for certain substances of abuse than others.5, Pg 11

How Much Does Aetna of Oklahoma Cover (Addiction Treatment)?

Determining which type of treatment your Aetna mental health coverage offers is beneficial to finding care that is affordable and appropriate for your needs. Below are some of the types of addiction treatment for which you may be eligible for coverage through your insurance plan.

  • Inpatient/residential rehab: Inpatient care is 24-hour recovery support sometimes also called residential treatment.5, Pg 33-34
  • Outpatient rehab/therapy: Outpatient care is non-24-hour care that can vary by intensity and even offer care that is comparable to inpatient treatment when necessary.5, Pg 35
  • Partial hospitalization program (PHP): PHPs are programs that provide structured outpatient treatment that is comparable to inpatient care in the sense that it offers clinical treatments and conditions.8, Pg 7 It can be particularly effective for those with physical or psychological conditions that require extra stabilization and care during rehab.8, Pg 7
  • Intensive outpatient treatment (IOP): IOPs are more comprehensive than regular outpatient treatment in that they may offer more hours, support, and/or services than traditional outpatient care.8, Pg 6 They are, however, less intensive than PHPs, especially in the type of clinical services they provide.8, Pg 6

Still, it may be hard to think about what you need when you don’t know what your insurance plan will cover. This is why we recommend calling Aetna of Oklahoma to discuss what they will offer under your plan and how you can find it. In their promise to connect patients with providers who can help them overcome substance abuse, they offer to connect you with “cost-effective inpatient and outpatient services.”6, How Aetna can help

Does Aetna of Oklahoma Insurance Cover Mental Health Care Treatment Facilities?

Many people find themselves not only struggling with substance abuse but also with a mental health disorder. These can include attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, borderline personality disorder, depression, anxiety disorders, and schizophrenia.9, Para 2 For some people, struggling with a mental disorder leads to or causes them to continue abusing drugs or alcohol, and for others, the continued use of addictive substances can cause or worsen a mental disorder.10, Para 2

These psychological disorders that exist in tandem with addictions are called co-occurring mental disorders. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, instead of treating these issues separately, research has shown treating them together is “consistently superior.”11, Para 1 This is why the Affordable Care Act (ACA) implemented the Paul Wellstone and Pete Domenici Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008, which requires insurance plans to cover treatment for both disorders.12, Pg 2

This means if you are someone who is dealing with both a mental disorder and an addiction, your Aetna of Oklahoma insurance will offer some sort of coverage for your substance use disorder and your mental disorder. Making sure you find the treatment that meets your insurance’s plan requirements, however, is still part of locating cost-effective care.

How Long Does Aetna of Oklahoma Insurance Cover Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehab program?

Addiction treatment needs to cater to the specific needs of the patient, and this is why the National Institute on Drug Abuse states, “No single treatment is appropriate for everyone.”5, Pg 5 However, it should be noted that longer treatment stays are more effective than shorter ones and that staying in treatment for an appropriate amount of time is necessary for an effective recovery.5, Pg 5-6

The recommended length of intensive outpatient treatment is at least 90 days, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.13, Duration of treatment And depending on your plan, this may or may not be fully covered by your Aetna of Oklahoma substance abuse health insurance.

What if My Aetna of Oklahoma Policy Does Not Cover an Inpatient Drug Rehab Program?

Inpatient care may not be fully covered by your plan. This could be for a number of reasons, including a less comprehensive plan or a determination by your provider that you will get the benefits you need in outpatient treatment. Whatever the case, it’s still considered better to seek treatment as early as possible, even if your coverage situation may not be ideal.5, Pg 5

If this is your situation, there are financial support options available at many rehabs in OK. Scholarships and financing are 2 options that might exist to help you with the portion of your rehab cost not covered by Aetna of Oklahoma.

Aetna of Oklahoma In Network vs. Out of Network Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers

Do you know why some facilities or treatment programs might be partially, fully, or not covered at all by your Aetna of Oklahoma insurance plan? This is because some providers are considered out-of-network, meaning they didn’t contract with your insurance provider. Those that do contract with them are known as in-network providers. Remember, you probably see an in-network doctor, so you’ll also want to seek recovery care from an in-network addiction treatment program.

Recovery is difficult enough without worrying about extra costs. That’s why we want to help match you with the best rehab program for your needs that also costs less because it’s in your network. Aetna of Oklahoma has many options for recovery, and it’s helpful to start here when you’re looking to avoid unnecessary costs.

How to Find Aetna of Oklahoma Covered Inpatient Drug Treatment Centers in MD?

Have you decided addiction treatment in an Aetna of Oklahoma inpatient rehab center is best for you? According to Aetna, only 19% of Americans who need addiction treatment get it.7, Graphic AAC has many treatment centers all over the country where you can get quality care that is also covered by your insurance. To learn more, simply call to speak to one of our support team members. We’re also available by chat.

Recovering from substance abuse can be a hard road. It can feel lonely, even isolating. That’s why we recommend reaching out for help wherever you can find it—from healthcare providers to family members, friends, coworkers, and even your insurance company. With help, Aetna of Oklahoma patients often find effective care covered fully or partially by their insurance plans. Don’t wait. Your life in recovery is right around the corner.

What Rehab Centers Take Aetna Insurance?

American Addiction Centers (AAC) has various rehab facilities around the country that provide drug and alcohol addiction treatment. If you have an Aetna insurance plan, the following AAC facilities accept Aetna for drug and alcohol addiction rehab.

  • AdCare Rhode Island: With various facilities located in Rhode Island, AdCare provides innovative, quality, and cost-efficient addiction treatment. Its integrated system of care offers an inpatient treatment center in North Kingstown and a network of outpatient offices throughout Rhode Island. AdCare’s continuum of care includes detox services, residential treatment dual-diagnosis treatment, intensive outpatient services, inpatient and outpatient services, and tele-health.
  • Greenhouse Treatment Center: Located in Grand Prairie, Texas, Greenhouse offers individualized treatment plans and many levels of care including detox services, residential treatment, dual-diagnosis treatment, intensive outpatient services, outpatient services, and tele-health, all in a luxurious setting with high-end amenities.
  • Oxford Treatment Center: Located in Etta, Mississippi, Oxford offers gender-specific rehab while offering an opportunity to connect with nature and try new activities. Provided care includes detox, residential treatment, dual-diagnosis treatment, inpatient and outpatient treatment, intensive outpatient services, and tele-health, all with individualized treatment programs.
  • Recovery First Treatment Center: Located in Hollywood, Florida, Recovery First treats substance use disorders by combining evidence-based therapeutic modalities with top-level care. Recovery First provides a personalized continuum of care including detox services, residential treatment dual-diagnosis treatment, intensive outpatient services, outpatient services, and tele-health.
  • River Oaks Treatment Center: Located in Riverview, Florida, River Oaks treats substance use disorders through combining evidence-based therapies with world-class amenities. Provided care includes detox, residential treatment, behavioral disorder treatment, dual-diagnosis treatment, outpatient services, and tele-health, all with individualized treatment programs.
  • Sunrise House Treatment Center: Located in Lafayette Township, New Jersey, Sunrise House provides treatment for people suffering from substance abuse from a medical and holistic standpoint. With various evidence-based therapeutic interventions, personalized care is provided through detox, residential treatment, dual-diagnosis treatment, and outpatient services.

There are various treatment programs for individuals struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, so don’t give up if the first program you check out doesn’t meet your individual needs. There are rehabs near me that can provide the treatment you need. Check out the directory to find a list of facilities and programs. You can search by location and filter by Aetna insurance.


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