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Cigna Texas Insurance Coverage for Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers

Yes. Cigna Texas covers drug and alcohol rehab. strives to provide you with the most updated information on each carrier's addiction insurance coverage, but policy changes and errors do occur. Please check with your insurance carrier directly to confirm coverage levels.
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Cigna Texas: Rehab & Detox Centers in TX That Take Cigna Insurance

Also known as the Lone Star State, Texas, the second-largest state by area in the United States, is home to 29,145,505 people according to the 2020 Census.1, 2 para 1 It became the 28th state of the union, officially becoming a state on December 29, 1845.2 para 1 Other fun facts about the state include that its capital city is Austin, the state bird is the northern mockingbird, and the state flower is the bluebonnet.1

What’s more, the population of Texas continues to grow, with the 2021 Texas Relocation Report 2021 finding that more than 500,000 people relocated to Texas in 2019, and more than 200,000 out-of-country residents moved to the state as well.3

In terms of most populous counties and cities, the data from 2021 is as follows. Harris County was the most populous county, with 4,731,145 people in 2020, followed by Dallas County (2,613,539 people) and Tarrant County (2,110,640 people).4 Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, and Forth Worth are the top 5 most populous cities in the state.5

In terms of substance use disorder and addiction, Texas is not immune to the prevalence of these conditions. Among those aged 12 and older in Texas from 2017 to 2019, 5.9%, or 1.4 million, cited past-year substance use disorder.6, pg 26 In terms of alcohol use disorder among the same age group and time period, 1 million cited past-year alcohol use disorder, which amounts to 4.5% of the specified population.6, pg 25

Similarly, 495,000 people, or 2.1% of the specified population, reported past-year illicit drug use, and 851,000, or 3.7% of the population, reported past-year prescription pain reliever misuse in Texas.6, pg 24, 22 What these statistics go to show is that those who are struggling with addiction or substance use are not alone. Knowing that you’re not alone can help you feel confident in a decision to get treatment for your condition.

Does Cigna Texas insurance cover Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers?

If you’re a Texan and have health insurance coverage through Cigna Texas, you may be able to use your insurance plan to cover some or all of the treatment associated with alcohol and drug rehab. Coverage details can vary greatly depending on the plan you have, where you live, and the type of facility you attend (e.g., an inpatient alcohol and drug rehab center vs. outpatient alcohol and drug rehab center). Because of this, it’s recommended that you verify your benefits and coverage before seeking care whenever possible.

Checking your coverage is not as complicated as it might sound. You can call the number on the back of your insurance card and speak to a Cigna insurance plan representative who can walk you through your specific plan and what your coverage details include. You could also work with rehab centers directly, as many have trained staff that can help you learn more about your insurance.

Finally, you can work with American Addiction Centers (AAC) staff to learn more about addiction treatment and your insurance coverage. Reach out to AAC via online chat or our confidential helpline or enter your insurance information in the form below for instantaneous benefits verification.

What is Cigna Texas?

Cigna Texas isn’t one type of health insurance plan. Rather, it refers to the myriad of plans that are sold by Cigna, an international health insurance provider that’s been in business for more than 200 years.7 As of today, Cigna provides 180 million customers across 30 different counties, including the United States in terms of medical, dental, Medicare, and supplemental insurance policies.8 Specifically, Cigna provides 17 million people across the globe with medical insurance.8 “Our strength”

There are a variety of ways that Texans can receive coverage through Cigna. Cigna provides insurance plans in a handful of markets, including employer-sponsored health plans, Medicare, or the Health Insurance Marketplace.9 What plan types are available to you may be subject to your location and various eligibility requirements. Reach out to a Cigna representative to find out what plans may be available to you in your area.

What Substance Addiction Does Cigna TX Rehab Treatment Centers Cover?

Addiction knows no bounds, and people can be addicted to various substances. Typically, there are not insurance limits surrounding what types of substance(s) someone may be addicted to in terms of treatment coverage. Some common substances someone could be addicted to can include alcohol, cocaine, heroin, crystal meth, opioid, marijuana, and prescription drugs.

How Much Does Cigna Texas Cover (Addiction Treatment)?

Determining what is covered or how much is covered under your Cigna Texas health insurance plan in terms of addiction treatment is essential, but you may need to call the number on the back of your card or work with the rehab center directly to find out. This is because every Cigna Texas plan differs in coverage, and where you live, where you receive treatment, and the type of treatment you receive may affect your coverage details.

Depending on your plan, among other factors, your Cigna Texas plan may cover some or all of the costs associated with the following treatment methods:

  • Inpatient or residential rehab. Patients who are in residential or inpatient rehab programs receive round-the-clock, medically supervised care and live at the treatment facility for the duration of their treatment.10, Pg 8, “What types of treatment programs are available?” Para 2,
  • Outpatient rehab or therapy. Patients who are in an outpatient therapy or rehab program generally attend 1–2 sessions each week, or less frequently. You’ll go to the facility for your session and return home after the session.10, Pg 10, Para 2
  • Intensive outpatient programs (IOPs). Patients who are in an IOPs generally must attend a minimum number of hours of treatment each week, typically 9 hours, but don’t have to stay at the facility overnight.10, Pg 10, Para 3
  • Partial hospitalization programs (PHPs). Patients who are in a PHP generally attend half a day or a full day’s worth of treatment, multiple days a week, usually 4–8 hours a day. However, while the name of this program says “hospitalization,” there is no overnight hospitalization or facility stay required with this program.10, Pg 10, Para 1

Please be mindful that despite these treatment methods listed above, Cigna plans are not required to provide full or partial coverage for these treatments. What’s more, they may not be recommended for your personal path to recovery. Work with your mental health provider to determine what the best course of treatment is right for you.

Does Cigna Texas Insurance Cover Mental Health Care Treatment Facilities?

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), almost all U.S. health plans, including Cigna, are required to provide coverage in some capacity for 10 essential health benefits, 1 of which is mental health care.10 What this means for you is that your Cigna plan may provide coverage at some level for behavioral health treatment, substance use disorder treatment, and mental and behavioral health inpatient services.11

Please note, though, that just because there’s a federal mandate surrounding this, it isn’t guaranteed that all mental health services are covered. Cigna Texas plans may vary in coverage for types of treatment, which facilities are covered, and how long your treatment may be covered. To find out what is or is not covered under your plan, including whether stand-alone heroin rehab or a co-occurring disorder treatment program is covered, call the number on the back of your plan.

A co-occurring disorder occurs if you have a mental illness (e.g., depression, anxiety, etc.) and substance use disorder at the same time.12 If you have a co-occurring disorder, know that you’re not alone. In 2018, 9.2 million American adults were diagnosed with co-occurring disorders or dual diagnosis.13

For those with a co-occurring disorder, it’s recommended that they receive tandem treatment, where each condition is treated on its own during the total course of treatment.12 “what should I do? To find out whether your Cigna Texas plan provides coverage for co-occurring disorder treatment, call the number on the back of your insurance card or work with a rehab center directly.

How Long Does Cigna Texas Insurance Cover Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehab program?

Remaining in treatment for a long enough amount of time is essential to the overall success of your recovery. While every person is unique, many experts recommend that treatment programs last at least 90 days to improve your overall outcomes and reduce or stop drug use.14 Please note that every person’s path to recovery is unique. Your provider may recommend you stay in treatment for a shorter or longer amount of time.

It’s important to note that how long you should be in treatment and what’s covered under your plan may not be aligned. The length of time that your Cigna Texas insurance covers inpatient alcohol and drug rehab program will vary based on your specific plan, where you live, where you seek care, and the type of treatment you need. Because there are many different types of policies and tiers of coverage, it’s best practice to call the number on the back of your insurance card and work with a plan representative to find out what’s covered under your plan.

What if my Cigna Texas policy does not cover an Inpatient drug rehab program?

Depending on your Cigna Texas policy, some mental health care services, including inpatient drug rehab programs, may not be covered. If this happens to you, be sure to ask the rehab facility directly whether they offer any special payment options that are available to you. Some rehab facilities offer financing opportunities or scholarships that can help you offset some of the costs of treatment. Regardless of whether your treatment is covered, it’s important to prioritize getting treatment now rather than pushing it down the road.

Cigna Texas In Network vs. Out of Network Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers

Understanding the difference between in-network and out-of-network providers can help you keep healthcare costs as low as possible. Within Cigna, an in-network provider is one that is contracted with Cigna to accept pre-negotiated rates for covered members for covered services.15 Conversely, out-of-network providers are those who are not contracted by Cigna, thus do not take your insurance and can charge you their full rates, which tend to be higher than in-network providers.15

As such, it’s always important to check whether a provider is within your plan’s network prior to seeking care unless it’s a true emergency. To find an in-network provider, contact your Cigna plan representative via the number on the back of your card.

How to find Cigna Texas covered Inpatient drug treatment centers in TX?

If you’re ready to take the first step toward getting treatment, we’re here to help. AAC is an industry leader in addiction care and treatment. Our trained staff is here to help you at every point in your journey, whether it be explaining treatment options and insurance benefits or finding a covered facility near you. AAC has renowned, top-notch quality treatment facilities across the country, including GreenHouse Treatment Center right here in Texas, that may take your Cigna health plan.

Call our helpline today and speak to a person who can check your benefits right while you’re on the phone. We’re here to help you on your path to recovery; don’t wait any longer to get started.

Cigna Approved Rehab Centers 

American Addiction Centers (AAC) has various rehab facilities around the country that provide drug and alcohol addiction treatment. If you have a Cigna insurance plan, the following AAC facilities accept Cigna for drug and alcohol addiction rehab.

  • AdCare Rhode Island: With various facilities located in Rhode Island, AdCare provides innovative, quality, and cost-efficient addiction treatment. Its integrated system of care offers an inpatient treatment center in North Kingstown and a network of outpatient offices throughout Rhode Island. AdCare’s continuum of care includes detox services, residential treatment dual-diagnosis treatment, intensive outpatient services, inpatient and outpatient services, and tele-health.
  • Sunrise House Treatment Center: Located in Lafayette Township, New Jersey, Sunrise House provides treatment for people suffering from substance abuse from a medical and holistic standpoint. With various evidence-based therapeutic interventions, personalized care is provided through detox, residential treatment, dual-diagnosis treatment, and outpatient services.

There are various treatment programs for individuals struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, so don’t give up if the first program you check out doesn’t meet your individual needs. There are rehabs near me that can provide the treatment you need. Check out the directory to find a list of facilities and programs. You can search by location and filter by Cigna insurance.


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